Bulk Generation of Cloudtrax.com Vouchers

The CloudTrax.com portal has two mechanisms for generating vouchers.

The regular administrative interface, which allows for the bulk-generation of random vouchers.

The lobby assistant mode, which allows for manual generation of vouchers.

Because we had a list of 50 staff that we wanted to bulk-create non-random vouchers for, we developed an alternative method that uses a PHP script to programmatically create vouchers from the command line use the "lobby assistant" mechanism.

Procedure was as follows:

  1. Obtain the Prince Street School Staff List from the school website; verified with the Principal that the list is up to date.
  2. Paste the list into an ASCII text editor and format it as a tab-delimited ASCII file with two columns, name and classroom/role.
  3. Paste the resulting ASCII data into a Mac Numbers.app spreadsheet and add three additional columns: "access" (Yes or No, as to whether the given staff person needs wifi access), ""random number" (a random number from 100 to 999; entered as =RANDBETWEEN(100,999)) and "voucher code" (the computed voucher code; entered as =CONCATENATE(LOWER(MID(NAME,SEARCH(" ",NAME),99)),RANDOMNUMBER; this took the person's last name and added the random number to it).
  4. Exported the resulting spreadsheet to a CSV file, called users.csv, with the columns name, role, access, random number and voucher code.
  5. Use the PHP script -- available in Github with documentation -- to create vouchers for the users in the CSV file.

The Cloudtrax voucher list, post-bulk-generation, looked like this: