Minutes of January 11, 2011 Meeting

Treasurer's Report

There was a Provincial Home and School meeting and it was mentioned that there was money available from previous Parent Engagemant Fund. We applied for some of it and we were granted $200. We have put it towards help with translators for the Mandarin, Nepali, and Hindi-speaking parents.

Peter went over the expenses for the school. There is still $1000 from ScotiaBank and Silent Auction money from the Spring Fling from June 2010 to come. Also, there is movie money (October and December) to come.

On Saturday, January 22 there will be a benefit at Back Alley Music on University Avenue from 12-3 p.m. The proceeds will go towards Prince Street's Breakfast Program. It will be Soupy Saturday and the performers are Tanya Davis, Kelly Mooney, and Peter Winn. The cook is Ted Grant. The event will be by donation. Ann Thurlow is the person who organized the event.

President's Report

There will an Annual General Meeting on Saturday, April 16th for the PEI Home and School Federation. We can send 5 representatives who are usually the school's Home and School's executive. However, if for some reason one of them can't go then some else can attend in their place.

There was a letter sent to the City of Charlottetown about the intersection of Euston Street and Prince Street. Counsellor Eddie Rice was notified about the situation and he agreed that there needed to be pedestrian signals. Temporary pedestrian light will be installed until permanent ones can be installed.

In November, there was a brainstorming session in Hunter River by the Presidents of all of the Home and School Associations. Some of the items that were discussed were:

  • attendance
  • school fees
  • websites
  • air quality
  • communication
  • fundraising
  • sharing of information (ex: grants)
  • bullying

The top three items were:

  • infrastructure (playground)
  • fundraising (long-term planning, accountability)
  • parent engagement (getting parents more involved)

Some possible actions to get these items in use is to share and use provincial information and have a unified voice.

Talk have possibly getting a new gym for the school with Education Minister Doug Currie was put on hold due to the to two other schools (Spring Park and Morell Consolidated) in the Eastern School District being closed due to mold. Both schools were closed on Friday, January 7th.

Principal's Report

Bob Andrews was given the floor plan and went through the school and found that Prince Street had room for only two classes and there would be a need for at least three. However, the A plus program will be moved from West Kent and will be held in half of the library. Students from grades three to six who have behaviour problems in class are in this program. Currently there are five students with one teacher and a youth worker. There has been little disruption in the school compared to others. Prince Street had air quality testing done seven to eight years ago. There had been an air quality system put in in the room next to the Breakfast Program/French Room.

There was a Class Composition Grant given. There was enough money to cover 20 days (full time). However, Prince Street stretched the money by having the program for 40 days (part-time). All of the time was used up by Christmas. The school applied again for the grant and was granted money for another 20 days. The program mainly helps EAL students to learn the letters and numbers in English.

Projects were done in Numeracy and Art before the Christmas Holidays. The students were given time to do their own thing and the outcome was widely different and interesting. The students loved it and really wanted to keep doing it.

On December 8th, there was a dinner put on by the EAL students. Everyone had a great time.

There has been a lockdown done and another to follow in the Spring. In such case that there is a lockdown, parents will get information as to where to go from the media.

On December 13th and December 15th, the Christmas concerts were done. It was standing room only.

On December 22nd, there was a school skate. Two rinks were used. The next school skate will be on February 11th at U.P.E.I.

The next movie movie night will be Friday, January 21st.

On February 1st there is a P.D. Day. Angela Seeman will be in to talk about Autism and Kim Bailey will be in to talk about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Two thirds of the students have a modified program, ranging from an individual education program to the enrichment program.

The Breakfast Program has had enough funding this year to pay up last year's debts and to float this year until the end of the year.

Staffing changes. Kelley Wakelin came back after Christmas. Linda MacFarlane is in Kindergarten. Bethany Boudreau is back from maternity and Kathie Lee Mallard will be in transition.

There is roughly thirty five to thirty six children registered for kindergarten for September.

New Business

There will be a meeting in late February to early March for the Spring Fling.

The week of February 14th to the 19th will be Staff/Teacher Appreciation Week. Snacks and lunch will be provided and yard duty will be done by volunteers for the staff.

The next meeting will be February 22nd.

Those in attendance are:

  • Saben Gadir
  • Aman Sedighi
  • Azan Akbari
  • Esther Duncan
  • Claudia Rosas
  • Madge Mossberg
  • Erick Silva
  • Lisa Silva
  • Samuel Kai Wang (Chinese translator)
  • Madan Kumar Giri (Nepali and Hindi translator)
  • Jek Bahadur Basnet
  • Jit Bahaur Darjee
  • Kal Bahadur Basnet
  • Wah Lue
  • Eamon Leen
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Onika Khanal
  • Prem
  • Pamme
  • Kelly Allen
  • Peter Rukavina
  • Shelley Muzika
  • Colleen Mullen-Doyle
  • Terry MacIsaac (Principal)
  • Lori MacDonald
  • Dana Doyle