Minutes of January 16, 2013 Meeting

The third Home and School meeting of the 2012-2013 school year was held on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 in the A+ room at the school. Approximately 12 parents were in attendance, along with Principal Terry MacIsaac, Vice-Principal Colleen Mullen-Doyle and Nepali translator Narayan Dahal.

Principal's Report

Report cards went out on December 3rd. The next set of report cards to go out is on Tuesday, March 5th. There will be Parent-Teacher interviews on the Thursday night and all day Friday.

There was an Art Blitz on December 6th in the afternoon. Some of the art is on display around the school on the walls by each class. There is also framed pictures of authors by each class.

On Wednesday December 19th, Trinity United Church made a full turkey dinner for the entire school of students and staff. They also put on the play Scrooged that evening. $700 dollars was raised which went to the Breakfast Program.

The Junior Choir went to the Delta on December 20th to sing. They also had lunch at the Delta.

The PLIP program ran until mid December, with four students involved. This program is awarded for a second session. The students that are involved are grade 2 students. The program deals with reading and writing. The teacher involved is Sue Lee-Manning.

There will be a movie night on January 18th. The doors opened at 6:15 and the movie started at 6:30.

Ron Tweel is the new director for the school. He will be in the school on January 24th spending time with different classes to get an idea of what goes on in the school.

On January 25th, Natalie Fraser will be leaving. Althea Coady will be filling in Reading Recovery. Joe Burgess will be half time.

On February 1st, is a school development day.

February 25th the Dental Clinic will be at the school for about the next two weeks or so. Parents can opt out of this service. Permission slips will be sent home before hand.

The next fundraiser is Coupon Books. It will start on February 26th and all money and information is due March 12th.

National Literacy Day is on January 27th. There will be activites done in the school to observe this day.

On February 13th kindergarten to grade 2 students will go skating and on February 14th the grade 3-6 students will go skating. The skate will be at Simmons Arena.

President's Report

Staff Appreciation week is February 11-15th. The staff is given snacks during the week and lunch is provided for them on the Friday. On the Friday, parents do yard duty so that the staff can enjoy lunch.

There is a Parent Engagement Fund set up to involve more parents in school life. We can apply for and receive a grant up to $1100 dollars to do activites. For example Young Authors Night. This year Young Authors night will be May 14th.  Last year 5 elementary schools did a joint project at U.P.E.I.

There is a parent survey put out by the Provincial Home and School Association. Parents can find the survey at:


There is a draw every week for 5 weeks.

Prince Street Home and School Association has sent out a letter to City Hall about the signal button not working at Euston Street and Prince Street.

Next Meeting

The next Home and School Meeting is February 19th.