Minutes of March 15, 2011 Meeting

A meeting of the Prince Street Home and School was held on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 in the A+ Room of the school. President Shelley Muzika acted as Chair, Dana Doyle was recording secretary, Madan Giri provided simultaneous translation into Nepali and Samuel Kai Wang provided simultaneous transition into Chinese.

Minutes from the last meeting were approved.

Treasurer's Report

Peter went over the expenses from September 1, 2010 to March 15, 2011. The current balance in our ScotiaBank account is $7,215.19, which includes, since the last meeting, a $2,373.14 cheque from the 2010 Spring Fling, at $1000 matching grant from ScotiaBank for the 2010 Spring Fling and an expense of $2,189.25 for part of the 2010-2011 "wish list" items.

President's Report

There will be a Provincial Home and School meeting on Saturday April 16th. Prince Street will be allowed to send 5 people. All of the schools Home and School Associations will send delegates. Resolutions are put forward, discussed and voted on by all Home and School Associations. If a resolution is approved, it then is sent to the Department of Education and will be addressed next fall.

Principal's Report

There have been some staff changes. Denise MacDonald Vail is in for Karl Doucette until May 1. Kym Muise (Youth Worker) will be in the Kindergarten after the March Break. Kara Gallant (Educational Assistant) will also be in Kindergarten.

There will be a Community Concert in which the Breakfast Program will benefit. Admission will be by donation. The concert will be on May 15th. St. Jean's, Prince Street and Birchwood will all receive money for their Breakfast Programs.

Report cards went out on March 1st and Parent Teacher Interviews fallowed. There was a good turn out for Parent Teacher Interviews and for the Book Fair. There was a letter sent out with the report cards concerning a survey called Tell Them For Me. Each letter had a user name and pass code. The deadline for the survey is March 31st.

Grades 4-6 are doing projects for the Heritage Fair. The students Heritage Fair topics are due on March 18th.

On Saturday March 19th, there will be a Pancake Breakfast put on by the Trinity United Church. All of the proceeds from the breakfast will go to the Breakfast Program at Prince Street. Trinity United has also sent in money to the school to be used for the Breakfast Program. The money that has been sent in has been in the form of gift cards. The cost of the Breakfast is five dollars ($5) a person and fifteen ($15) dollars per family.

March Break is from March 21 until March 25.

There will be a Skate-a-thon after the March Break. The money each child raises will go back into the child's class. The money that is raised goes towards purchasing materials for the class room. About $200 a year goes into each class. There are incentives given for money that is raised. (year end trips, Dairy Queen meals, Walmart money).

In April, the East Coast Music Awards are being held in Charlottetown. There is a band booked to come and play in the school. Zany Lane (a kids' band) will be playing for the school on April 15th. The school may also book another band.

The school will be helping in a fundraiser with Yumi MacLeod. The fundraiser is in aid of Japan. On Friday, March 18th the kids bring in loose change and collect it in order to have a certain song to be played. The song has yet to be determined.

On May 11th, the students will be going to the Confederation Centre to watch Colonel Gray put on a musical. The musical this year is Pinocchio.

The school has been inspected for mould. There are a couple of spots that have been found but are being dealt with.

Other Business

The Spring Fling has been set for Friday, June 3, 2011. Kelly Allen ran through the Spring Fling basics, and summarized the volunteer needs, the various components of the event, etc. and collected names and email addresses of potential volunteers.

It was suggested that a printed summary of the Spring Fling be prepared, and translated into Nepali, Chinese and Farsi. Kelly agreed to prepare this and send to Peter Rukavina who would arrange for translation and posting on the website.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is April 12th. This will be a Home and School general meeting followed by a Spring Fling planning meeting.