Minutes of October 4, 2011 Meeting


The first meeting of the Prince Edward Island Home and School was held on October 4, 2011 in the A+ Room at the school. Peter Rukavina acted as chair and Dana Doyle was Recording Secretary. There were approximately 25 people in attendance.

At the beginning of the meeting, Peter introduced the two translators. Everyone else introduced themselves. Peter also mentioned about getting more translators for other families who might need one of they are interested in coming to the Home and School meetings at the school. If they are, then the appropriate translators will be brought in. It was also mentioned that there was a mailbox in the staff room for the Home and School Association for the school and the website (PrinceStreetSchool.ca).

The minutes from the meetings will be translated into Chinese and Nepali besides English, so that other parents who could not attend the meetings will be able to read them and see what was discussed.

Principal's Report

Principal Terry MacIssac delivered the Principal's Report, the main points of which were as follows:

  • There are now approximately 280 students in the school. There are 16 classrooms. 3 kindergarten, 2 Grade 1, 2 grade 2, 2 Grade 3, 2 Grade 4, 2 Grade 5, and 3 Grade 6 classes. There were some staff changes during the summer. Krista Keough is now teaching Grade 1, Rita MacLean is teaching kindergarten and Leslie Benson is now teaching Grade 4.
  • Jamie Germaine retired at the end of last year. There has been a new school counsellor has been hired. Beryl MacMillan has previously worked with big Brothers Big Sisters and Power Skate and will be starting October 11th. Colleen Mullen-Doyle has filled in from the beginning of the year until October 11th.
  • Meet The Teacher night was September 12th. There was an average attendance from the parents. The lower grades always have attendance. As the grade becomes higher, the attendance becomes lower. There also 36 EAL students in the school with two 2 EAL teachers. In the past two years, the number of EAL students have been higher and have gotten higher during the year.
  • There were 3 fire drills done to date.
  • On National Tree Day, there was a new tree planted near where the old tree stood. The new tree will be an 8 foot Maple.
  • On October 3rd and 4th, school pictures were done.
  • October 18th will be the first school assembly. It will be "Fall Flavours".
  • October 19, there will be an Art Blitz in the afternoon. It will be the first of three during the year. There will be 2 teachers in each class and the students will get to take their time doing the art projects.
  • October 26th, there will be a Sports Fair at the Stratford Town Hall for grades 3-6. There will be a 2 dollar cost for this. The Fair gives the students the chance to try different sports that the normally wouldn't get a chance to do.
  • October 27th(pm) and October 28 (all day) there will Parent-Teacher Interviews.
  • There will be no school on October 10th due to it be Thanksgiving and on October 20th and 21st there will be no school due to a Teachers Convention.
  • On November 2nd the Earth Rangers will be at the school. Their topic will be Endangered species and it will be a one hour presentation. An example of a possible animal is a hawk.
  • The week of November 14th will be kindergarten registration for 2012-2013. The child must be born in 2007.
  • The school fundraiser of chocolate bars is now over. The school should collect between $4000-$6000 which is on target from previous years.
  • The playground is going to be fixed and the supplier has been contacted to get the supplies. Grants and Funding are being looked at to replace the equipment and benches. Also, the staff will be doing a Silent Auction to help offset the cost.

Question and Answer

A brief Questiona and Answer period followed the Principal's Report during which time issues such as the playground repair, the roles of school counsellor and youth worker and other items were discussed.

Social Time

The meeting then adjourned to allow for a social time where parents and guardians could mingle and get to know each others. Thanks to Joanne Brown and Shelley Muzika for providing food.