Spring Fling Meeting, April 12, 2011

Sorry that I am, once again, so long in getting these minutes off to you. I truly appreciate your interest in this year's 8th annual Prince St. School Spring Fling. I will be contacting many of you in the near future to ask you to take on various roles, either prior to to, or the night of The Fling. Here's how things stand at the moment:
Volunteers: Pleased that there were 14 sheets submitted by parents who have offered to volunteer for the Spring Fling. Kelly Allen will head up the volunteer committee.
EAL Room: Terry MacIsaac suggested a new idea for The Fling whereby a room will be created by the EAL families to represent the cultures of their native countries. Terry to contact Claudia Rosas to see whether or not she would consider heading it up.
BBQ: Joanne Brown has agreed to head up the BBQ. Kelly Allen will find someone to make the candy kebabs for sale at the BBQ. (50-60 needed. Tubs of gummies from WalMart, Bulk Barn donation)
Signage and Publicity: Shelley Muzika and Peter Rukavina.
Silent Auction: none this year.
Basket Raffle: Colleen Mullen-Doyle will coordinate amongst the teachers.
Lottery Licence for raffle tickets: Shelley
Boomer Gallant: Kelly to contact re appearance on Compass.
Tickets: Claudia Rosas to prepare lengths of tickets. Lori Jaworski to purchase more at wholesaler.
Cash Floats: Peter to handle the night of event.
Outdoor Games: May have again this year. 3-legged , Eggs -on-a-spoon, Sack Races (Joanne has sacks)
Dunk Tank - Philip Brown, Terry MacIsaac and Eileen Higginbotham have confirmed.
Recycling: Terry to ask John MacFarlane
Clean-up: Bhutanese families
Au café: Philip Brown w. grade 5`s and Madge Mossberg
Popcorn: Lori to buy at wholesalers and pop day of.
Cake walk: Lori to make cakes again this year and be reimbursed. Peter to ask Katerine to volunteer for this activity.
Fudge: Kelly to contact Cathy Doyle to see if she will make fudge again this year. We will reimburse for the ingredients.
Prizes: Kelly to order.
Set-up: 8-10 people will be required to help w. this Thursday evening, June 2nd.
Bake Table: elizabeth Blagdon
Cookie Decorating: Jennifer Lee
Staff Sign-up: Coming soon to allow them to have 1st pick of volunteers positions the night of.
Fish Pond: Josie Courtney to volunteer. `Kids Meal`toys needed for the fish pond.
Hearts and Flowers: Kelly to contact Alan Preston re bouquet or gift certificate for the raffle.
Water needed for volunteers: to watch advertised sales.
Expenses: Peter to pay in a more timely fashion. Will create a form for people to complete if they have speant money.Scotibank or TD: Shelley to contact re donation.
Enjoy the rest of your long Easter weekend!