Spring Fling Minutes - Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Multicultural Room: Jamie Germaine & Claudia Rosas organizing.
To be located in “A-Plus” room. Will submit receipts for associated costs.
1. Chinese calligraphy – student names.
2. Chopstick lessons/games
3. Bhutanese dance
4. Japanese Origami by “Yumi”
BBQ: Joanne requested picnic tables and garbage cans. Kelly to ask Terry whether or not he asked Niall Coulson and George Likely if they would volunteer for the BBQ. Otherwise, we have enough volunteers for this position. Volunteers should arrive by 4pm to set up.
Set-up & Decorating: Thursday, June 2nd at 6:30.
Magic Show: Scott MacIsaac will do one magic show this year. Time and location TBA.
Notice Home: Laura Bird to draft a letter to go home to parents re: volunteering, raffle baskets and “kids’ meal toys”.
Prizes from local merchants: Kelly has only gotten into COWS and Subway thus far. Laura to circulate to a few along University Ave. Kelly to ask Philip Brown to canvas Great Canadian Bagel.
Mascots: Neither Kelly nor Shelley have had to opportunity to contact the various previously mentioned businesses which have mascots asking whether or not they might make an appearance.
Raffle Ticket Licence: Shelley to get.
Outdoor Games: Message left for Marcus Luttermann asking that he might head them up.
Fling Banner: Kelly to ask Terry to ask Rod to “dig out” and put up Monday, May 30th.
Fudge: Colleen contacted Cathy Doyle who agreed to make the fudge again this year. Sher will submit receipts.
Fortune Teller: Kim Bailey is not in the Province the night of the event.
Map: Jennifer Lee did a great preliminary job on the revised map. At the May 24th meeting, we will confirm the location of the activities so that she can complete. This will go home on May 30th or 31st along w. a notice reminding families of Friday’s event.
Sucker Pull: Annette Leen to mark suckers.
Nail & Face Painting: Volunteers needed!
Banks: Shelley to contact Scotiabank. Philip Brown to contac Metro Credit Union.
Cookies: Kelly ordered for p/u June 2nd. 3.99/dozen w. frosting thrown in. Jennifer L. to prepare frosting. Jennifer picked up a variety of sprinkles and will submit receipts.
Colouring Sheets: Given to Colleen by Kelly. The intention is for the students to colour and perhaps take home, post in apt. building lobby and/or parents’ place of work. Colleen to ask Jamie Germaine about the possibility of The Peaceful Schools Committee delivering some along Upper Prince and Walthen one day after school.
Ticket Booths: Two outside, ready to go, at 5:00pm. At 5:30, 2 of the four people will “rove” and sell tickets. Peter will “skim” money from the various floats throughout the evening.
Tickets: Kelly to call Lori about the tickets.
FINAL MEETING: Tues, May 24 @ 6:30