Bell Aliant Fiber Op

In early March, 2012, a request was made to Bell Aliant to provide bandwidth to the pilot project at no cost for an initial period. Bell Aliant agreed quickly to provide its 20 Mbps Fibre Op service for 6 months.

Paul Murray, Bell Aliant Sales Manager for Prince Edward Island turned this request around in less than 48 hours, and the company's quick and enthusiastic early participation was a signficant contributor to pushing the project forward.

On April 19, 2012 a project manager and a technician from Bell Aliant visited the school to survey it for the Fibre Op installation. A plan was developed to run fibre across Upper Prince Street, into the existing conduit running into the school that terminates in the first level electrical room, and then, switching to "inside fibre", running through the ceiling to the boiler room, through the floor to the upper level mechanical room where the fibre transceiver and modem will be wall-mounted and our wireless infrastructure will take over.

Installation took place on April 26, 2012.

The Fibre Op equipment on-site consists of:

  1. Fibre transceiver: the fibre cable runs into this, and this connects to the router via Ethernet cable.
  2. Power supply for fibre transceiver: this is the largest piece of equipment on-site; it provides battery-backed-up power to the fiber transceiver.
  3. Router: a wireless-capable 4-port router connected to the fibre transceiver via Ethernet.

All of the above were mounted in the upper level mechanical room at the school on a pre-existing piece of plywood on the wall that otherwise holds the HVAC control system.