Minutes of the May 8 Home and School Meeting

The Parents of Prince Street Home and School meeting was well-attended on Thursday, May 8.

There was a surprise assembly today. The DJs from Hot 105.5 were here to cover the Enviroment-a-thon fundraiser and hype it up with new prizes.

Thanks to Pampha for translating into Nepali this evening.

Spring Fling -- Friday, June 6

Some people came specifically to talk about Spring Fling, so we started out with that topic. A parent who is a balloon-twister wanted to volunteer to entertain at Spring Fling. He will be permitted to leave business cards promoting his business on a table for parents to pick up if they wish. There was a discussion about how much space will be needed.

Dunk Tank is confirmed but requires someone with a hitch on it to deliver it. Erin is scheduled to be dunked. Others who have usually been willing to do the dunk tank include Mr. Brown. Also, Dana will call Terry McIsaac to see if he'd be willing to come back so students will have one last crack at dunking him! If he is willing to come, he might also be able to pick up the tank. If he cannot do this, Erin can pick it up.

Home and School will put up a sign-up sheet for staff to volunteer for Spring Fling.

A volunteer is needed to coordinate the silent auction, especially pick-up of donations.

Phys Ed teachers at Colonel Gray and the Rural can usually send high school students as volunteers.

There will be a bake sale table. A call will go out for donations to the table. Some commitments have already been made to donate fudge. If there is no bake sale table, this can be part of the barbecue. Heather is coordinating the barbecue. Pampha can contribute samosas. Heather will do fruit kebabs but not candy kebabs.

Dana will check supplies under the stairs to see what the inventory looks like. There will need to be more new prizes for the games. Jane is coordinating the indoor games.

Fast food restaurants have sometimes donated leftover toys. Some donations such as coupons for happy meals have been provided already. These are usually prizes for the fish pond.

We need to confirm that the mock jail is here at the school and not somewhere else.

Dana is dealing with cakes for the cake walk game. (Musical chairs with cakes as prizes.) Lori MacDonald is going to make and decorate the cakes again, even though her children have graduated from the school.

Need a person to coordinate popcorn and to learn how to operate the machine.

Face painting requires baby wipes and mirrors. Volunteers for face painting are welcome! Face painting is quick, in-and-out rather than elaborate. Chris M. knows someone who might be able to help as a face painter. Face and nail painting rooms are best separate.

Mr Brown talked about running the French Cafe again this year. The Grade 5 students all help and volunteer with the cafe as part of their unit on French.

A volunteer is needed for the Dance Dance Revolution.

We need to confirm magician or musician or any of those entertainment options.

This year, the Welcome to Kindergarten night will include parent orientation. If there's a promo of Spring Fling, it can be handed out at the parent booth during Welcome to Kindergarten on May 27.

Maps (for volunteers) and clear signage for events are both very helpful.

The silent auction needs a volunteer to put items online. The framework already exists and Peter Rukavina has offered to help make sure the framework is up and running. Heather can do some pick-ups of donations downtown.

We will need to have one more meeting prior to Spring Fling.


We will send a notice out to parents to let them know who is offering to continue on and who isn't and to invite nominations for new executive members next year. Shelley is President, Dana is Vice-President, Heather is Treasurer, and Jane is Secretary. Shelley is stepping back. Dana's child is graduating. New people will be needed.


Erin reported on activities.

After-school activities are in full swing, and students are appreciating them.

The mural by Warren Reeson in the library (PEI 2014 Grant) is progressing really well. A date is being set for a celebration in June. Details will come out.

Staffing changes include our night custodian, Rich Lush, who moved on to a position with more hours at Parkdale. This is a huge loss for us. Sandy Harding is now filling his six-hour night position and is welcome. Kim Crosby, an EA, just started with us last week. She transferred in with a student who transferred here.

The last writing prompt will be structured a little differently and timed to feed into end-of-year report cards. This will take place at the end of May or beginning of June.

The decision about school supplies for next year is that the school will collect $35 for each child entering K to Grade 3 and teachers will purchase supplies. Students entering Grades 4 to 6 will receive a specific list, and they and their parents will be responsible to pick up the supplies on the list. Erin said thank you to the home and school for feedback at last meeting. The letter about school supplies will be translated into Nepali by Newcomers and will go home in Nepali next week.

The International Dinner was awesome. Erin loved it!

Transition meetings with Birchwood are taking place to prepare for Grade 6 students to make smooth transitions. Some of the teachers from here consult with the Birchwood teachers; there are also meetings between parents and Birchwood teachers to ensure students have what they need when they make a successful transition to Junior High School. A notice has gone home about the introduction to Burchwood night for parents of Grade 6 students. This is taking place at 7:00 on May 22nd.

The Environment-a-Thon fundraiser is taking place next Thursday. An assembly today with the DJs from Hot 105.5 came in and promoted new prizes. The assembly highlighted prizes and a notice went home as well. The winner will get to go on the radio with Hot 105.5. There are prizes for students and classes. The students were super excited. The students who participate will pick up garbage in parks and in the playground. Older students will clean up garbage up and down the street near the school.

Young Author's Night is a chance for students to show off the writing they've been doing all year. Every child showcases their writing. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. This is taking place on Tuesday, May 13 from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.

The Easter Seals Ambassador came in, and students raised over $400.

A few weeks ago was Administrative Assistant's Day. A big party for Barb Irvine celebrated her 40th year at Prince Street School!

The PEI Archives received a donation of all kinds of old registers and records that had been stored here at the school but will be more accessible at the Archives. They were very happy to get these.

Early Years (EYE) Assessments for new kindergarten students saw excellent attendance.

The Welcome to Kindergarten event will take place at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 27. The new time is because the after-supper time used last year wound up at 7:00, which was late for the four-year-olds. The kindergarden orientation day is Monday, June 2. Current kindergarten students have that day off. Incoming students are here in the morning, and the kindergarten teachers spend the afternoon preparing for next year.

There's a "makeover committee" looking to give the main entrance a freshened up look. Hopefully by next year, you'll see changes there so the school looks the way it feels and the entrance expresses that spirit.

End of year trips and celebrations are in the works but still being coordinated.

The school decided not to send students to see the Charlottetown Rural musical this year due to time lost during storms. Also, the play was only recommended for Grades 5 and 6 students.


Home and School organizes cupcakes, snacks, and juice and the like, including some awards. This takes place the last day of school (June 25th).

The meeting closed with cookies, juice, and thanks.