Minutes from the June 23, 2015, Meeting

Principal’s and Vice-Principal's Report

Erin reported that students raised $8,001 in the Environment-a-thon, and Erin kissed a goat as promised, which was better than expected. :John McFarlane’s retirement is big news but is being treated in a low-key way, at his request. The graduation/closing is on Thursday, and the whole school closing is on Friday morning, but students get out at the regular time on Friday afternoon.

Field trips are winding up and have been very successful. Robin Burgess’s class in Grade 2 did a yard sale and got $160 and decided to use it to buy toys for children at the hospital. On Thursday, they will deliver them in person, travelling by bus.

Today’s talent show was wonderful. The intramural banquet is tomorrow afternoon.

Staffing is very delayed this year due to the lateness of the provincial budget, so there is an air of stress. Staffing decisions will start now and so Erin will talk with staff over the next few days for making plans.

Enrolment will be down a little, with only two kindergarten classes next year after having three kindergarten classes since kindergarten was introduced.

Sonia Wadden Hughes will be here again next year, a year’s extension of the exchange. There will be a lot of changes.

Kelly talked about a Go!PEI pilot project that is “parked” at the school this week. It consists of a trailer full of equipment that kids can try. Lots of extra activities for this week, and if there is equipment they really love, it will give an indication what the kids enjoy.

There is an Education 20/20 Foundation that Prince Street was nominated for and has won, and it resulted in $2,500 for the school. The award was for student and community engagement and was called an “Excellence in Education Award.”

Home and School reminded Erin and Kelly that the Home and School can always provide letters of support and partnership for projects and nominations.

Graduation and School Closing

For the Grade Six closing, Laura can pick up stuff that the school needs. The budget for Home and School contributions will be under $100 for snacks (chips, lemonade, cupcakes, fruit, cheese and crackers). Laura is going to see if she can borrow baskets of flowers and set up some decorations. If it’s not nice outside, the event will be in the music room, but it’s nicest if it can be outside.

Once it was made official that Mr. MacFarlane is retiring, Home and School thought a gift that pays tribute to his love of literacy would be great. The Home and School decided on a gift and will present it at the school closing. Shelley will be there to present it.

There are awards the Home and School has presented in the past. One was a Terry Award, in honour of Terry MacIsaac, that consisted of $100 seed money for a Grade 5 class to do something in Grade 6 along humanitarian lines. This was not presented last year.

This year, all the awards are taken care of. If Home and School wants to present any awards next year, we can discuss and plan this in advance.

Spring Fling Updates

Shelley deposited $2,155 today. Some expenses were already paid for out of cash ($425). We also wrote cheques for some expenses and there are additional expenses to come out (about $500). In the $2,155 there is some of the money from the silent auction, but there is some additional money yet to be deposited (about $500, so it will pretty much even out with the expenses).

The tickets from the French Cafe traditionally go back into the Breakfast Program. It was recommended that the Breakfast Program is in good shape this year and that this contribution should be used by Home and School for next year. Erin will let Phillip Brown know that the contribution from the French Cafe is well taken care of.

We’ll clear more than last year on the Spring Fling, but we have used up any reserves throughout the year.

Usually, holiday fundraising covers expenses through the year and the Spring Fling covers the wish list.

We still need to apply for reimbursement for a Parent Engagement grant from two years’ ago.


There was a special gift for Shelley Muzika for her 10 years of service to growing the Prince Street Home and School. Laura is also graduating from Home and School.

Jane can continue as secretary and Heather can continue as treasurer. Laura will continue to do some lobbying for two potential co-chairs. Jane and Heather are happy to help.

One parent expressed shock that there are not more parents who attend Home and School meetings, but others confirmed that Prince Street has very good attendance and participation compared to other years and other schools.

Long-time members offered great suggestions for flourishing home and school.

Having a regular, set time for meetings rather than a fluctuating time can be really helpful and make the planning a lot easier for co-chairs.

Meet the Teacher Night and Welcome to Kindergarten are great events for inviting parents to be involved in Home and School.

The Provincial Home and School has training nights in the fall as well for Home and School parents.

Another really good idea would be to take a set topic for discussion (transportation, for example) and let people know that the meeting would be on that theme.

Home and School also funds special projects for Parent Engagement. There’s usually a deadline in October and in January. We can talk to Shirley Jay or Jean Davies about ideas that come up. Notices will come out

Family Fun Night was a big success in November and people have been asking to have this again. There could be a connection with Parent Engagement.

The reports from others schools in the provincial AGM report includes lots of great ideas that have been tried and proved successful elsewhere.

Some other final notes for this year:

Jane is going to look into a 6 or 8 week “world explorers” anthropology club for after school in the fall or winter. Heather is going to look into sponsorship for Bricks 4 Kids. The LEGO Robotics Kits that Home and School has should be booked for sometime next year, since it books in advance. If it could be booked for a Family Fun Night in November, that would be ideal.

When the Province puts wifi in the school, we will stop having to pay for wifi. :)

The School Board has posted its policy for school changes. Conversations are going to have happen about rezoning and school changes, and our hope is that the conversations can be in families of schools.

Thanks from the administration to Shelley and Laura for their commitment as President and Past-President! Congratulations to their children who are graduating from Prince Street.

See you all in the autumn.