Proposed Resolutions for the Provincial AGM

Our January Prince Street Home and School meeting was stormed out! One of the important items on the agenda was to review and agree on resolutions to submit to the provincial Home and School Federation from our school. Resolutions have to be submitted to the provincial board by the end of January. This year, three proposed resolutions came forward from the school community. They are pasted below. The Prince Street home and school executive would value your feedback at Unless we hear otherwise from you or receive suggestions for changes to the resolutions, we'll submit these three resolutions to be considered and voted on at the provincial AGM. Thank you! 

Please also watch the school Facebook page or contact home and school executive for opportunities to participate in Staff Appreciation Week, February 12-16.

Next meeting, weather permitting, will be February 27. See you then!


School Closure for Deaths in the School Community

WHEREAS the people in our schools and on school grounds have a variety of employers (for example, the Public Schools Branch; the French-Language School Board; the Department of Education, Early Learning, and Culture; municipalities) and that students and volunteers on school sites are not there as employees; and

WHEREAS "school communities" should be understood as a network made up of students, teachers, staff, administrators, crossing guards, on-site volunteers, and parents and guardians who all play a role in students' safety and learning; and

WHEREAS some members of school communities have significant and regular interactions with a wide range of students and school staff; and

WHEREAS the death of such members of school communities is an exceptional circumstance; and

WHEREAS a death may be untimely or occur under tragic circumstances; and

WHEREAS it is valuable and important learning for students to understand and have the opportunity to participate in traditions and rituals that accompany death and grieving in the cultural traditions that make up Prince Edward Island;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Prince Edward Island Home and School Federation request that the Public Schools Branch develop a policy for school closure/early dismissal that includes support for closure or dismissal for the wake or funeral of a member of the school community who has had significant and regular interaction with a wide range of students and school staff and/or whose death is untimely or in tragic circumstances, regardless of this person's employment.

Communication Protocols in Urgent Situations

WHEREAS urgent issues may arise outside school hours and on weekends and holidays that require quick decisions or timely resolution that may affect students, their families, and school staff; and

WHEREAS each school's Home and School leaders have a role to play in providing valuable input into these decisions and helping to plan for the effects on students, their families, and school staff; and

WHEREAS Home and School members do not have access to clear processes to reach school and/or education decision-makers outside school hours and on weekends and holidays; and

WHEREAS Home and School members wish to respect the privacy and personal time of school and/or education decision-makers;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the PEI Home and School Federation request that the Public Schools Branch establish a clear protocol for communicating with school and education decision-makers when urgent situations arise outside school hours and require timely resolution.


WHEREAS the current attendance policy of the Public Schools Branch states "that regular and punctual attendance at school is imperative for educational success. Students are expected to be in school each day unless ill or unable to attend due to an unavoidable circumstance," and

WHEREAS procedures to address absences include calls to parents and letters of notification that get sent out after five, ten, fifteen and twenty days of missed class, with reporting to child protection triggered by higher rates of school absence, and

WHEREAS this policy limits parental discretion to keep their children home for reasons they consider valid, including students' mental health, which may not be an illness or an unavoidable circumstance, and

WHEREAS mental health issues are prevalent in Prince Edward Island, and

WHEREAS numerous mental health initiatives have been implemented in schools and communities to assist youth and their families, and

WHEREAS taking an occasional "mental health day" for self-care is becoming increasingly acceptable among workplace absenteeism policies, and

WHEREAS many school attendance policies omit or do not expressly refer to absenteeism due to student mental health issues, and

WHEREAS openly talking about mental health helps to reduce mental health stigma,

BE IT RESOLVED that Island schools be encouraged to revise student absentee policies [to better support parents' discretion about their children's best interests and] to expressly include mental health days.‎