Prince Street Home and School - February Minutes

Prince Street Home and School February Meeting Minutes
February 27, 2018

There were 8 participants in the meeting. Kirsty chaired.


Vinay Upreti gave an update on the work of the Colonel Gray DAC. His family has moved out of zone and he has to give up his place as Prince Street representative. We will try to find a replacement DAC representative through an open call to all parents for volunteers or nominations. If there are multiple volunteers or nominations, it should go to a vote. We may use information from the Public Schools Branch to help promote this opportunity. Anna will request the DAC pamphlet from Ghislaine O’Hanley to include in an email to parents.

Vinery reported that things are moving in the right direction with the Colonel Gray DAC. In addition to issues raised in the minutes (circulated) mental health remains a significant topic of discussion and concern. There is no homework policy for the Province, and the Colonel Gray DAC has asked for a committee to be struck to examine homework policy and give some direction. The DAC has a diversity of opinions about what a policy should include.

Quality of teaching remains another topic and there are varied views on ways to provide feedback to teachers for performance development. This topic has no action points at the moment. School review, class size, and class composition have also been topics of discussion.

The next DAC meeting is not yet scheduled. The commitment for Prince Street’s representative is to attend at least three meetings a year. Terms are two years.


Anna gave the Principal’s report.

We’ve received a lot of new resources lately - including 3 Class Comp awards to the school, which allows staff to work with literacy and numeracy coaches on targeted instruction on language arts and math. This also gives us time for more teacher-led assessment, especially for students who are new to the school and whom we are still getting to know. We also had an itinerant EA assigned to our school 6 hours a day until mid-April. We received an EAL EA, 4 hours a day until the end of the school year.

After-school programming has so far included Grades 3-4 and 5-6 in programming, and now we are running a K-1 and a 2-3 group with Ms. Donna, the youth worker. Game Force is running currently for Grades 5 and 6, through Innovation PEI. Kids work on laptops to learn programming and video game programming. Game Force runs a very popular summer camp.

We recently had students involved in a gymnastics meet with tremendous participation and results. More than two dozen Prince Street students participated.

Book Fair is on this week. We are still looking for parent and grandparent volunteers to help with book fair.

Report cards went home with students today. One of the things we got from report cards was attendance data. There was a high number of students with perfect attendance, even in cold and flu season.

School lunches need some menu refreshment. Orders of wraps have decreased and will be replaced with lasagna and a roll from Green Isle Catering. Anna thanked Kristy for the tremendous job she does every week with lunch orders. It takes at least two hours a week, and staff and parents appreciate it very much that Kristy does this work.

Active schools - Families had participated in a first-round survey about active transportation to school. Anna attended a meeting that narrated, with slides, the area around the school and the surrounding streets. Two city police officers, Active Living, and City reps attended. It was a good discussion and people there were interested and able to take information from the discussion back to their groups. Between meetings, conversations are taking place. A couple of survey responses noted challenges with signage about parking, and it was possible to get updates and additional information. Police and City officials are looking into issues that came up on surveys.

Kindergarten numbers: Province is saying there are a lot of students not yet registered across the province, and they estimate based on their data that Prince Street is missing nine or ten registrations. The school will do a Facebook post with reminders about registration. We’re still at just barely two classes (21 registrations). If other students are out there, we really need their numbers. Students entering kindergarten will have EYEs will be April 27th and 30th and the save-the-date information will be in the March newsletter.

After March Break, Aletha Coady will be finished her time as vice-principal and Natasha Bromley will arrive at the school to take up her post. Natasha is excited about coming to Prince Street. Home and School members expressed appreciation for Aletha’s great work as interimg vice-principal.


This year’s provincial Home and School Federation is April 14. We need to register by the end of March and can send up to five voting delegates. Prince Street has put forward a number of resolutions for discussion.


We have typically done Spring Fling, our spring carnival fun-raiser, on the first Friday in June, which this year would be June 1st. Kirsty gave Anna an overview of the event. Home and School wlll ask staff to volunteer - their participation last year was excellent.
Heather can coordinate the barbecue.
Joanne can run the indoor games room.
We will request O’Connor Glass to sponsor the cotton candy.
We will request Cox and Palmer to sponsor the bouncy castle.
We talked about hiring Becka Viau to do face paint. We are hoping that will be affordable.

The Cake Walk has always been a popular event, and it was coordinated by Dana for a dozen years.  We will need a new coordinator in her honour.


A karate club will be starting here in April. A parent asked if it could run through the summer, but it is not possible at this school. It is mostly students from the school in the club.


The Masonic Lodge from Wheatley River has sponsored three or four schools a year for the Bikes for Books project, and this year, Prince Street is one of the lucky schools to participate. Each homeroom will have two bikes and helmets to be drawn for in a raffle. Students get ballots based on the books they read to give them a chance to win. There is a spaghetti dinner to support this initiative on March 12. Details in the March newsletter.


Trinity United Church’s wonderful annual pancake breakfast in support for Prince Street will take place March 17 at Trinity. This is a great breakfast and a great event.


We had talked at the time of Dana’s funeral about recognition and celebration of her contribution. We may also be doing a spaghetti supper in support of Dana’s son, and some of the proceeds could go towards an award in her name.

We could do a plaque with her name on it and present it to the volunteer of the year (an adult who volunteers at the school) at the final assembly of the year. If this were a school award, it could be maintained year to year with a plaque within the school.


Currently, the school policy on school supplies is that Grades K-3 pay a fee for school supplies, which are bulk ordered, and students purchase their own supplies from a Board-approved list in Grades 4-6. A parent asked: Is there an option to extend the fee for classroom supplies for K-3 to include 4-6? A bulk order would need to be made very soon if this change were being made. An advantage of bulk order is that the teacher can plan for colour coding or consistent supplies. There is a maximum list of supplies that can be ordered put out by the Board, but there is still a lot of variation school to school. Staff in the past have discussed the pros and cons. If you choose to order for everyone, if you then have seven students in one class that don’t pay the fee, it affects the teacher, the classroom, and the school. When there’s a list, very few students come with nothing. They often have enough supplies to get through the year. It was agreed that the current policy is worth revisiting. Parents could be asked to pay their supplies with an option to contribute an additional $10 to the school’s communal pot.

School field trips are coming up in not too long. There was some discussion of destinations. It remains the school’s policy that there are no parent volunteer chaperones.


There is no March meeting. The April meeting is scheduled for APRIL 24.

The meeting adjourned with thanks.