Minutes from the May 2018 meeting

Prince Street Home and School
May 22, 2018

There were 9 in attendance at the meeting. Kristy and Ramona co-chaired. In past years, we have used the May meeting to select an Executive for the coming year. There was not enough attendance to do so this time. We will need to do some recruitment over the summer, since our co-presidents and secretary would like to mentor new people into these roles.

We’re going to need to come to the school next week. Those who are able to plan the setup will meet at 7:30 on Monday to review materials and make final arrangements for Spring Fling.
Jane will get Stephen to ask Keri Ferguson about the sucker pull and plinko games we have borrowed in the past.
Ramona will reconfirm tables and garbage cans.
We still need volunteers for setup, cleanup, and indoor games.
- Janet volunteered for cleanup, as did Ramona.
- Ramona will post reminders online.
- A few things have come in for a raffle and more things are welcome. Let Kristy know!
- Jane will pop popcorn and coordinate the book sale and bake sale. Jane will donate butter, oil, and salt. Kirsty will get popcorn and bags. There will be volunteers to help prince items.
- Kristy is making a run to Kays Bros for wholesale items: anyone who needs wholesale goods should let her know.
- Kristy will get a snack for our student volunteers.
- Heather has coordinated rental of the barbecue and has lined up volunteers.
- Mr. Brown is coordinating dunk tank delivery.
- Last year there was a table outside with lost and found items.
- On Thursday, May 31, Kristy will enlist some grade 6 volunteers from Mrs. Parson’s class for loading and unloading.

Unless we hear differently, school closing for Grade 6 will take place at 1:00 p.m. on June 26th
They are working around Stonepark and Birchwood timing for their ceremonies.
Typically, Home and School has purchased cake, a fruit tray, and a beverage for an outdoor reception. Sobeys did a really nice cake in the past with the school logo on it, and they did a great job.
We have in the past put out a call to Grade 5 parents to send in snacks - last year, we got two or three.
We have 2 plaques.
- One is for a teacher who goes above and beyond. This has gone to retiring teachers the past few years - it would be nice to give it to someone who is staying!
- One requires teacher input for the Never Give Up award. The student also gets a certificate and a gift card. (Jane can do the certificate when the name is known.)

In the past, grade six students fundraised for graduation hoodies. This was coordinated by a teacher who since retired. It is too late to coordinate graduation sweatshirts for this year.

Could there be an order of the Prince Street logo school t-shirts and sweaters again for anyone in the school who wants one? Several students would like to have one. Last time, the resource team coordinated it.
Should we wait until the fall? Yes, we decided. If we do it now, the students might have outgrown them by the fall!
We’ll wait until September.

Richard will be attending his first DAC meeting tomorrow. He asked for input on the topics that are planned for the agenda.
- Class composition: Richard is not sure yet what the focus of this presentation will be. Anna said that from the school perspective, class composition looks at what the variety of needs are in the classroom.
- Enrichment: We advocate most strongly for more teacher-librarians with more dedicated teacher-librarian time in our school and in all schools. And more resources for enrichment activities that are available to all students in arts, music, drama, science, math, and physical education.
- Homework: Parents noted they would like more similarity across the board in school and more consistent homework expectations across schools for each grade level. Parents had positive feedback about homework being assigned in a lump at the beginning of the week and then managed at home towards an end-of-week deadline. The case in favour of homework is that it provides extra practice to make a shift from short-term to long-term memory and learning. The case against is that it may limit students in what they can do after school: time for extracurricular activities, family time, other kinds of learning. Around this table, the benefit was noted that homework helps younger children recognize the connection between parents and children and encourages engagement between parents and children. Values that students develop through homework are also important: persistence, discipline, character-building. It is important for parents to have a role in determining homework and reporting back. Having a small amount of homework for consistency is helpful. Just reading for a fixed amount of time every night is not connecting some children to understanding, or to engaging with texts. They are doing some perfunctory reading to finish a mandatory amount of time. The books students bring home (levelled readers) can be painfully awful for students and their parents. Encouraging a child to persuade the teacher to allow free reading, encouraging the child to read the assigned book and a book they are interested in are possible strategies. Is there a way that high-interest books could be given a level so they meet curriculum needs and teachers’ needs without? Students often bring home the same book day after day until the parent intervenes to say, “Don’t bring home the same book again!” Parental involvement is really

Principal’s REPORT
- The Volunteer of the Year plaque in honour of Dana Doyle will be here.
- Field trips for year-end are organized
- Girls at Bat is up and running.
- We have one staff retirement: Rosemary MacArthur.
- Awards assembly in the past has been used to announce changes of staff for next year. That will take place in the last full week of school.
- Jimmy, our crossing guard is celebrating his 25th year this year! It came up in conversation.
- We have a sports day tentatively booked for June 15th. Free pizza, freezies, and water will be part of the day.
- Hot lunches end early this year: the 15th will be the last day. There will be no hot lunches the 18th to the 27th. Kirsty can do a hot-dog day one day to help fill the gap those days.

- This weekend May 26th at Simmon’s. Bike or Walk to School Day is June 8th.
- The draw for Bikes for Books may happen as soon Friday! It has been a great incentive for folks to read.

Erin and Kelly are both taking a second year in their roles.
Natasha Bromley has been hired as Principal.
The vice-principal role has been posted and will be hired soon.

There will be an announcement for students that will be quite low-key.

In the past we talked about having a spring fling coordinator separate from the president - that is still possible as a model. We have just been short of volunteers.