Minutes from the January 2019 Meeting

Prince Street School Home and School Meeting Minutes
January 17, 2019


Report Card Feedback,
The school received parent feedback from 2 parents; 1 really liked it and the other wasn’t sure what the numbers meant but after Mrs. Bromley explained it to them they understood and liked it better.

Pilot lunch program
The week of February 4th-8th there will be a pilot program done at the Prince Street where there will be trial hot lunches where the lunches suggested price is 3.75 and the parents can pay that or what they can afford to pay for the lunches. It is an initiative to bring healthy hot meals into the school. All orders need to be placed the week before, menus will be going out next week.

We were able to get a new fountain donated from the City of Charlottetown and the school board is paying for the installation, which should be installed within the next few weeks. This fountain will allow for the refilling of water bottles.
All bathroom taps are also being replaced to make for easier handwashing as the ones installed now require you to push the handle in to get water.


Principal’s Report -

Current enrollment - 238
Staffing news -
● Sonya Wadden Hughes returned from maternity leave January 3rd, 2019
● Karla Willdey will be taking a deferred leave starting January 31st, currently in the hiring process for a replacement.
New Report Card issued in November. Only 2 parents submitted verbal feedback to office. Next report card goes home March 5th, 2019
Parent teacher interviews - most parents were able to attend or have a telephone conversation with the teacher despite the weather interruptions. Next parent teacher interviews are March 7th and 8th. Book Fair -
The book fair was not as successful as it could have been due to the cancellations of the interviews - Booked again for March 4 - 8, 2019
Girls at Bat - Ran from September - December (12 girls participated)
Director of the PSB - Parker Grimmer and Minister of Education and Early Learning - Jordan Brown visited before the holiday.
Continuing with our Respect Assemblies - PRI so far and NCE are to come Spotlight on Learning - new section in the newsletter, the purpose is to highlight learning taking place in the classroom and celebrate student learning.

Books for Bikes - fundraising and reading launch assembly
OurSCHOOL Survey - Feb.19 - March.15
Food Demonstrations - Feb 4 - Feb 8
Water Fountain
Replacing the sinks in the bathroom

Sobey’s food initiative
We have partnered with Sobey’s for healthy options for the breakfast program. They provide us with produce and other foods necessary for the program to work and also we will partner with their chef and maybe the dietician to provide meal prep guidance for the school.

PEI Volunteer of the year
We would like to vote for Shirley McGinn posthumously as she was a huge volunteer within the school. Kristy asked if the school could write a letter of support

Staff appreciation week is February 11-15
We have a fantastic staff and would love to do something to show them we support them.
In the past we have done gift card draws, walk of fame, volunteers to make treats for each day (we suggest 1 sweet and 1 savory), meals
Suggestions for this year were all the above as well as on Friday we do a bigger meal and maybe do coffee/tea , waffles, bagels and cream cheese and soup and rolls.

Richard spoke about the advisory committee he is on for the province that is made up of 1 representative for each of the schools to provide feedback and try to help make school better. At the last meeting the topic of school bus arrival time came up and other schools felt that the buses have been arriving late, our staff felt very strongly that the buses at our school are arriving on time and often times too early.
They also had discussion on healthy food in the schools and how there is lots of opportunity to use the food from within our own province to provide healthy food in the schools.
The Charlottetown Rotary club is donating 3 maybe 4 stationary bikes to Prince Street School, these bikes will be used to give some children movement breaks when they are needed during class time.

Parent engagement Series
Heather from the home and school put together a proposal for us to be able to put on a series of Parent Engagement Activities to bring more parents into the school
Over the next 4 months there will be an activity planned for one evening through the month. Those activities include:
A Literacy Night (Feb)
Healthy Lunches (March)
Math night (April)
STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) night (May)

The staff got sweaters before Christmas and they didn’t like them as they felt you could not see the lettering. Going to look into seeing if we can get them in Grey instead and send out an order form for students to purchase.

Meeting adjourned at 7:10pm