Minutes of January 10, 2012 Meeting

The January meeting of the Prince Street Home and School was held on January 10, 2012 starting at 6:30 p.m. in the A+ room at the school.

President's Report

The first movie night of the year is Friday, January 20th. The doors open at 6 p.m. and the movie starts at 6:30 p.m. The movie will be Bolt. The rules for the movie night will be set out at the beginning of the night. Students who attend Prince Street will be allowed to be dropped off. Kids that are related to students from Prince Street will have to be accompanied by an adult.

The Home and School from West Kent, St. Jean's, Parkdale, Spring Park, and Prince Street applied for a Parent Leadership grant and received $4,400 to organize informal recreational opportunities for parents, students and staff among the 5 partner schools. The Home and Schools for these schools will get together and discuss ideas as what to do for this money. That meeting for the Home and School Executives for the above schools will be on January 17th at 7 p.m. at Prince Street.

The traffic lights at Euston and Prince Streets have been finished. There was discussion that not all of the push buttons have been installed and that there isn't enough time to walk across the street before the lights change. There is a possibility of going to the city to have the time changed to twenty seconds from ten seconds.

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week is from February 12-18. Lunch will be provided on the Friday and goodies will be provided during the week for the staff. Yard duty will be done during the lunch hour by volunteers so the staff who is to do yard duty can enjoy the lunch. Also, there will be a sheet sent home so that students can fill in the following, " I appreciate___________ because__________".

There will be a PEI Home and School Federation Annual General Meeting on April 14, 2012. Here, resolutions are bought forward from each Home and School. Last year, Prince Street brought forward the resolution about translators in the schools. If the resolutions are passed, they then are forwarded to the Dept of Education and to the boards. The deadline for resolutions to be brought forward by January 31st.

This year, the Spring Fling will be held on Friday, June 1st and we will be looking for a co-ordinate for the event. THe job of the co-ordinator will be to keep a list of items that are needed, what items are already received, what jobs there are needed to be filled, who already has put their names in for jobs and to call people.

Doug Currie (MLA for District 11, which is the area that Prince Street is in) was invited to this meeting but was unable to attend due to a prior commitment. He has mentioned that he will attend the next meeting.

There will be a possible survey sent home about computer/internet use in the home sent home.

Principal's Report

Before the Christmas break, the Christmas Concerts were done. Both concerts were interactive. Both concerts were well done and well attended. The night of the second Christmas Concert, the draw for the $1000 was held. $2000 was raised and $500 was donated over the $1000. The money was won by Cassidy McKellop, a student at Prince Street School.

Two days before the Christmas Break, Trinity United Church made a turkey dinner for the students and staff.

Karla Wildey (a teacher at Prince Street) applied for an Art Smart Grant. The school received just over $4000 dollars. The money will be used to make four mini movies.

Joe Burgess and Terry MacIsaac will be running a wrestling program every Tuesday and Thursday after school for about 5-6 weeks. The after school program will be for grade 5 and 6 students and is free of charge.

February 1st is a P.D. Day for elementary and junior high students.

Another fundraiser is coming up. There will be a Fashion Show and a Silent Auction as the fundraiser. It will February 23 at the Murphy Recreation Centre. Tickets will be sold for $25 each.

The Science Fair will be held for grades 4-6 on February 17th. Grade 4 will be judge just in the school. Grades 5 and 6 will be judged and sent on to the Provincials. Information will be sent home accordingly.

Bake Sale and Chistmas Raffle raises almost $1,000

Thank you to all the Prince Street School parents who contributed to the Christmas Concert Bake Sale this year: the amount and variety of delicious baked goods was fantastic, and, together with the Christmas Basket Raffle, we raised almost $1,000.



Minutes of November 9, 2011 Meeting

Meeting began at 6:30 p.m. with a tour of the school led by Mr. MacIsaac. Various classrooms were visited, as well as the library, resource, computer lab, and A plus room. FM systems and smart boards were demonstrated, and parents had a chance to ask questions.

Principal's Report

  • Funding for 10-week fine arts programs has been secured by the Ministry of Health; Art, Dance, and Drama classes will be offered again. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, and money will need to be submitted right away to secure a place. A small fee is charged to the students participating.
  • Kindergarten registration begins next week for future students who will be 5 years old by December 31, 2012.
  • Playground Fundraiser: A raffle has been organized by the Prince Street Staff. The prize will be a $1000 bill. Each child will be asked to sell 10 tickets.
  • Barb Jones will be the new school counselor, beginning November 21. Beryl McMillan has been filling in while we await the new counselor.

Upcoming Calendar Events

  • December 2 – Art Blitz
  • December 6 – Report Cards home
  • December 12 – Kindergarten through Grade 3 Christmas Concert
  • December 14 – Grade 4-6 Christmas Concert

Playground Discussion

Guests from West Kent Home and School made suggestions for funding grants (Home Depot) and offered to connect our Home and School Association with the team that raised the funds for their playground.

Question and Answer Session

An issue was raised of children warming up food at lunchtime. Mr. MacIsaac pointed out that each class had a microwave, and different heating policies; he also said that if each child needed something heated for 2 minutes, it would take the entire lunchtime in the classroom. Suggestion was made that perhaps students were not finishing their lunch because of the quantity of food, and not a heating issue.

Minutes of October 4, 2011 Meeting


The first meeting of the Prince Edward Island Home and School was held on October 4, 2011 in the A+ Room at the school. Peter Rukavina acted as chair and Dana Doyle was Recording Secretary. There were approximately 25 people in attendance.

At the beginning of the meeting, Peter introduced the two translators. Everyone else introduced themselves. Peter also mentioned about getting more translators for other families who might need one of they are interested in coming to the Home and School meetings at the school. If they are, then the appropriate translators will be brought in. It was also mentioned that there was a mailbox in the staff room for the Home and School Association for the school and the website (PrinceStreetSchool.ca).

The minutes from the meetings will be translated into Chinese and Nepali besides English, so that other parents who could not attend the meetings will be able to read them and see what was discussed.

Principal's Report

Principal Terry MacIssac delivered the Principal's Report, the main points of which were as follows:

  • There are now approximately 280 students in the school. There are 16 classrooms. 3 kindergarten, 2 Grade 1, 2 grade 2, 2 Grade 3, 2 Grade 4, 2 Grade 5, and 3 Grade 6 classes. There were some staff changes during the summer. Krista Keough is now teaching Grade 1, Rita MacLean is teaching kindergarten and Leslie Benson is now teaching Grade 4.
  • Jamie Germaine retired at the end of last year. There has been a new school counsellor has been hired. Beryl MacMillan has previously worked with big Brothers Big Sisters and Power Skate and will be starting October 11th. Colleen Mullen-Doyle has filled in from the beginning of the year until October 11th.
  • Meet The Teacher night was September 12th. There was an average attendance from the parents. The lower grades always have attendance. As the grade becomes higher, the attendance becomes lower. There also 36 EAL students in the school with two 2 EAL teachers. In the past two years, the number of EAL students have been higher and have gotten higher during the year.
  • There were 3 fire drills done to date.
  • On National Tree Day, there was a new tree planted near where the old tree stood. The new tree will be an 8 foot Maple.
  • On October 3rd and 4th, school pictures were done.
  • October 18th will be the first school assembly. It will be "Fall Flavours".
  • October 19, there will be an Art Blitz in the afternoon. It will be the first of three during the year. There will be 2 teachers in each class and the students will get to take their time doing the art projects.
  • October 26th, there will be a Sports Fair at the Stratford Town Hall for grades 3-6. There will be a 2 dollar cost for this. The Fair gives the students the chance to try different sports that the normally wouldn't get a chance to do.
  • October 27th(pm) and October 28 (all day) there will Parent-Teacher Interviews.
  • There will be no school on October 10th due to it be Thanksgiving and on October 20th and 21st there will be no school due to a Teachers Convention.
  • On November 2nd the Earth Rangers will be at the school. Their topic will be Endangered species and it will be a one hour presentation. An example of a possible animal is a hawk.
  • The week of November 14th will be kindergarten registration for 2012-2013. The child must be born in 2007.
  • The school fundraiser of chocolate bars is now over. The school should collect between $4000-$6000 which is on target from previous years.
  • The playground is going to be fixed and the supplier has been contacted to get the supplies. Grants and Funding are being looked at to replace the equipment and benches. Also, the staff will be doing a Silent Auction to help offset the cost.

Question and Answer

A brief Questiona and Answer period followed the Principal's Report during which time issues such as the playground repair, the roles of school counsellor and youth worker and other items were discussed.

Social Time

The meeting then adjourned to allow for a social time where parents and guardians could mingle and get to know each others. Thanks to Joanne Brown and Shelley Muzika for providing food.

Minutes of May 17, 2011 Meeting

In Attendance: Kelly Allen, Colleen Mullen-Doyle, Peter Rukavina, Jit Bahaur Darjee, Maya Darjee, Jennifer Lee, Madam Kumar Giri, Claudia Rosas, Eamon Leen, Joanne Brown, Tika Basnet, Madge Mossberg, Laura Bird, Omika Khanal, Shelley Muzika, Samuel Kang, Zha Li, Hai Yan Jiong.

Minutes from April 12 meeting were approved.

Financial Report

Peter noted that our bank balance as of April 16 was $8,738.97. There are still some wish list items outstanding, along with expenses to come for Grade 6 celebration, and two retirements (Jaime Germaine and Bill Arsenault). The celebration will be on June 27 at 1pm, with parents and Grade 5 students attending. There will be an assembly for the whole school in the morning.
Peter also indicated that he had prepared an expense claim form to be used for all events such as Spring Fling, Teacher appreciation week, Grade 6 celebration. He will leave copies in the POPS mailbox in the staff room and anyone with expenses can leave their claim in the same mailbox and he will reimburse promptly.

Report from Vice-Principal

Colleen then reported on the following items happening now to the end of the year:

  • May 24 from 6-7 will be an information session for parents of in-coming kindergarten students. Then on May 26 is the Welcome to Kindergarten session for parents and students with different stations for the kids to go to, including how to use the bus.
  • May 18 is Young Author’s night – for parents to come and read their child’s sample writing and get their picture taken with their child. This will be developed into a photographic magnet that will be sent home before year end.
  • The provincial assessments have already started for the Grade 6 class and the Grade 3’s will start on the 18th.
  • May 19th is the parent information session at Birchwood School for parents of Grade 6 students. The Grade 6’s will go to the Birchwood on the morning of the 20th.
  • Grade 5 students will go to Victoria Park on May 20 for Arbor Day, as part of City of Charlottetown activities. There will fun sessions on environmental themes, which tie in to their science curriculum. (Other years it has been more of a clean-up session.)
  • Swims for the various classes will be held as follows: Kindergarten on May 25, Grade 1-3 on May 26 in the pm and Grade 4-6 in the am.
  • May 27 is the volunteer assembly and of course the Spring Fling is on June 3rd.
  • June 6 is the day the kindergarten students come in for the morning, with no school for the present kindergarten students.
  • Grade 4 students will go to Mt. Stewart on June 6 as part of collaboration with Ducks Unlimited and Island Nature Trust.
  • The Grade 6 class will be going on their camping trip June 7-9.
  • June 8 will see Kindergarten to Grade 3 going to Camp Seggie for their year end fun day.
  • June 20 is the Athletic banquet with prizes and snacks for those students involved in intramurals.
  • June 22 Grade 4-6 will go to Shining Waters for their year end fun day.

Colleen reported that the school will go from 15 to 16 classes next year (up 25 students) but the school is only receiving .25 of a teaching position. Terry will be talking to the district next week to see about increasing that allotment.

Confirmation received from TimberTech that they will replace the wood for the playground as it is still under warranty. However, the labour is not covered and must be performed by a certified installer. It is anticipated that this might cost $25,000 to $30,000. Initial thought is that the school will take out a loan from the Eastern School District (ESD). Laura Bird mentioned that the Irving Oil website has information re their community fund and that they may a source of funding we can access. Shelley will be meeting with Terry next week to discuss and plan further. POPS would certainly dedicate its fundraising to assist with this cost.

The school was “tagged” with graffiti last night; the police were notified. Cameras were scheduled to go up next year but Colleen not sure it that is still on target given the mold and capital issues facing the ESD.

There was some discussion about teenagers smoking by the side entrance of the school. Parents wondered if posting “No Smoking“signs would help. The thought was that if signs were there, then at least parents could point them out to these older students and it would add a little more strength to such a request. There was also some discussion that this group of students seemed to respond to parents better than staff in this regard.

How to best use Translation Funding

Peter brought up for discussion how to best use the $2000 received from the Department of Education for translation, with particular direction from the two interpreters in attendance, Madan and Samuel. It was thought that perhaps not the entire handbook would need to be translated but certainly essential parts of it would be, such as the daily routine, bell schedule, dress code, lunches, scent or nut free policies, etc. Also, the newsletter and the calendar. For some translations it would help to have both English and the translated version back to back, to assist with the parental learning of the language. Changes to the handbook are made the last week of August; could use the summer to translate to key components and then fine tune the last week.

Canadian Association of Principals

Terry and Colleen will be attending the Canadian Association of Principals (CAP) conference this week and will be presenting on Partnerships between Schools and Community. They would be able to also give this presentation to POPS in the new school year.

Grade 6 Closing Celebration

For the Grade 6 celebration there will be cupcakes for the students, juice, and fruit and veggie trays all proved by POPS. (Executive to coordinate.) The gift for the two retirements will also be at this time. Some discussion about who pays for the monetary awards given out on the last day. To be confirmed with Barb past practice but if the “award in honor of” individual has been providing the prize, then it was agreed that POPS would now take that on.

Nomination for POPS Executive

There were no nominations submitted for the vacant positions on the POPS executive. Put it to the floor; some questions about what would be required, how often to meet, and what tasks are involved. With Shelley and Peter switching positions next year, we still require a secretary to take the minutes, and one to two people to help out with decision-making. People given the opportunity to think about it and to let us know before the school year ends.

Spring Fling Minutes - Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Multicultural Room: Jamie Germaine & Claudia Rosas organizing.
To be located in “A-Plus” room. Will submit receipts for associated costs.
1. Chinese calligraphy – student names.
2. Chopstick lessons/games
3. Bhutanese dance
4. Japanese Origami by “Yumi”
BBQ: Joanne requested picnic tables and garbage cans. Kelly to ask Terry whether or not he asked Niall Coulson and George Likely if they would volunteer for the BBQ. Otherwise, we have enough volunteers for this position. Volunteers should arrive by 4pm to set up.
Set-up & Decorating: Thursday, June 2nd at 6:30.
Magic Show: Scott MacIsaac will do one magic show this year. Time and location TBA.
Notice Home: Laura Bird to draft a letter to go home to parents re: volunteering, raffle baskets and “kids’ meal toys”.
Prizes from local merchants: Kelly has only gotten into COWS and Subway thus far. Laura to circulate to a few along University Ave. Kelly to ask Philip Brown to canvas Great Canadian Bagel.
Mascots: Neither Kelly nor Shelley have had to opportunity to contact the various previously mentioned businesses which have mascots asking whether or not they might make an appearance.
Raffle Ticket Licence: Shelley to get.
Outdoor Games: Message left for Marcus Luttermann asking that he might head them up.
Fling Banner: Kelly to ask Terry to ask Rod to “dig out” and put up Monday, May 30th.
Fudge: Colleen contacted Cathy Doyle who agreed to make the fudge again this year. Sher will submit receipts.
Fortune Teller: Kim Bailey is not in the Province the night of the event.
Map: Jennifer Lee did a great preliminary job on the revised map. At the May 24th meeting, we will confirm the location of the activities so that she can complete. This will go home on May 30th or 31st along w. a notice reminding families of Friday’s event.
Sucker Pull: Annette Leen to mark suckers.
Nail & Face Painting: Volunteers needed!
Banks: Shelley to contact Scotiabank. Philip Brown to contac Metro Credit Union.
Cookies: Kelly ordered for p/u June 2nd. 3.99/dozen w. frosting thrown in. Jennifer L. to prepare frosting. Jennifer picked up a variety of sprinkles and will submit receipts.
Colouring Sheets: Given to Colleen by Kelly. The intention is for the students to colour and perhaps take home, post in apt. building lobby and/or parents’ place of work. Colleen to ask Jamie Germaine about the possibility of The Peaceful Schools Committee delivering some along Upper Prince and Walthen one day after school.
Ticket Booths: Two outside, ready to go, at 5:00pm. At 5:30, 2 of the four people will “rove” and sell tickets. Peter will “skim” money from the various floats throughout the evening.
Tickets: Kelly to call Lori about the tickets.
FINAL MEETING: Tues, May 24 @ 6:30

Call for nominations to Prince Street Home and School Executive

Who We Are: Prince Street Home and School (POPS) is the local association for Prince Street School.

What We Do: We typically have five or six POPS meetings a year, along with two or three executive meetings a year. As executive members we organize the Christmas Bake Sale/Raffle, activities for Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week, and Spring Fling. We receive information from, and work with, the Provincial Home and School Federation (PEIHSF) to advocate educational issues of policy, communication, health and safety, and funding and resources to the Department of Education and the Eastern School District.

What We Need: POPS will require four new members for the 2011-2012 year – a secretary, vice-president, and two directors. The only skills required are enthusiasm and good humor!

Our group provides an opportunity for learning, a way to propose changes, and to assist with the effort of ensuring that the students of Prince Street have a positive learning experience, with access to the same opportunities as all other Island students.
If you are interested in putting your name forward, you can email peter@rukavina.net or call the office at 368-6950 and leave your name with Ms Irvine.

The deadline is May 12.

Next Home and School Meeting, Tuesday, May 17 at 6:30 pm

Calling all parents! Prince Street Home and School invites you to our sixth meeting of the 2010-11 school year.

We encourage you to come and learn more about what is taking place in the school, with the Provincial Home and School and with the Eastern School District/Department of Education. Our group provides an opportunity for learning, a way to propose changes and to assist with the effort of ensuring our kids have a positive learning experience.

We will also be having our fourth planning meeting for our Spring Fling, our annual fundraising carnival night with lots of games, activities and fun for the whole family. We still need more volunteers to sign up for this event to be successful. If you are to help out please come to our meeting.

The agenda for the meeting will be as follows:

  • Approval of minutes of April 12, 2011 meeting
  • Treasurer’s report
  • President’s report
  • Principal’s report
  • New Business
  • Spring Fling planning/discussion

The meeting will be over at 8:00pm, and on-site childcare will be provided. Please come and find out more about what is going on in our school and let us know what you would like to see us work on this year. If you are unable to attend, you may email your thoughts to us at s.muzika@hotmail.com. Hope to see you there!

Shelley Muzika
Prince Street Home and School

Spring Fling Meeting, April 12, 2011

Sorry that I am, once again, so long in getting these minutes off to you. I truly appreciate your interest in this year's 8th annual Prince St. School Spring Fling. I will be contacting many of you in the near future to ask you to take on various roles, either prior to to, or the night of The Fling. Here's how things stand at the moment:
Volunteers: Pleased that there were 14 sheets submitted by parents who have offered to volunteer for the Spring Fling. Kelly Allen will head up the volunteer committee.
EAL Room: Terry MacIsaac suggested a new idea for The Fling whereby a room will be created by the EAL families to represent the cultures of their native countries. Terry to contact Claudia Rosas to see whether or not she would consider heading it up.
BBQ: Joanne Brown has agreed to head up the BBQ. Kelly Allen will find someone to make the candy kebabs for sale at the BBQ. (50-60 needed. Tubs of gummies from WalMart, Bulk Barn donation)
Signage and Publicity: Shelley Muzika and Peter Rukavina.
Silent Auction: none this year.
Basket Raffle: Colleen Mullen-Doyle will coordinate amongst the teachers.
Lottery Licence for raffle tickets: Shelley
Boomer Gallant: Kelly to contact re appearance on Compass.
Tickets: Claudia Rosas to prepare lengths of tickets. Lori Jaworski to purchase more at wholesaler.
Cash Floats: Peter to handle the night of event.
Outdoor Games: May have again this year. 3-legged , Eggs -on-a-spoon, Sack Races (Joanne has sacks)
Dunk Tank - Philip Brown, Terry MacIsaac and Eileen Higginbotham have confirmed.
Recycling: Terry to ask John MacFarlane
Clean-up: Bhutanese families
Au café: Philip Brown w. grade 5`s and Madge Mossberg
Popcorn: Lori to buy at wholesalers and pop day of.
Cake walk: Lori to make cakes again this year and be reimbursed. Peter to ask Katerine to volunteer for this activity.
Fudge: Kelly to contact Cathy Doyle to see if she will make fudge again this year. We will reimburse for the ingredients.
Prizes: Kelly to order.
Set-up: 8-10 people will be required to help w. this Thursday evening, June 2nd.
Bake Table: elizabeth Blagdon
Cookie Decorating: Jennifer Lee
Staff Sign-up: Coming soon to allow them to have 1st pick of volunteers positions the night of.
Fish Pond: Josie Courtney to volunteer. `Kids Meal`toys needed for the fish pond.
Hearts and Flowers: Kelly to contact Alan Preston re bouquet or gift certificate for the raffle.
Water needed for volunteers: to watch advertised sales.
Expenses: Peter to pay in a more timely fashion. Will create a form for people to complete if they have speant money.Scotibank or TD: Shelley to contact re donation.
Enjoy the rest of your long Easter weekend!

Minutes of April 12, 2011 Meeting

In Attendance: Kelly Allen, Beth Pearce, Kate MacSwain, Colleen Mullen-Doyle, Aman Sedighi, Peter Rukavina, Jit Bahuar Darjee, Eamon Leen, Josie Courtney, Joanne Brown, Shelley Muzika, Wu Huigan, Samuel Kang, Terry MacIsaac.

Minutes from March 15 meeting were approved.

Financial Report

Peter went through his financial report. He highlighted that we have received two grants for translation - $200 from the PEI Home and School Federation (PEIHSF) leftover from the Parent Engagement Fund and $2000 from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. We have $8699.20 in the bank account; there are still some wish list items outstanding and Barb will submit invoices to Peter of items to reimburse the school for. Terry will also remind staff again to submit their expenses or make their purchases.

President's Report

Shelley reported that our Secretary and one director have resigned. With current director Kelly Allen’s youngest child finishing Grade 6 this year, she will no longer be with us after this year. So, we need to recruit 3-4 new people for the executive – a secretary, vice-chair and directors at large. We will formalize the process and put out a call for nominations to all parents late April/early May, with a deadline for nominations in May. Shelley and Peter will let their names stand again for the executive.

PEI Home and School Federation Annual Meeting

The PEIHSF will hold its AGM on Saturday April 16, with Shelley, Peter, Kelly, Wu Huigun and translator, Samuel Kang attending. Prince St has put forward a resolution to the AGM to have translation costs for home and school meetings funded by the Dept. of Education. It will lend support to our motion to have a newcomer parent and translator there as well as give Wu and Samuel an opportunity to see what the next level of PEI Home and School looks like and how ideas from a local home and school can make it to the Minister of Education.

An example of this is that the PEIHSF passed a resolution last year calling for the Dept. of Education to look at merging the two school boards into one. Just today, Minister Currie announced that he is establishing a committee/commission to look at governance of the school boards and part of that will be to examine the merger of the two boards. So resolutions form the locals associations can have an impact.

Intersection of Prince and Euston Streets

Shelley asked Peter to report on the drawing of the proposed intersection changes for Prince and Euston Streets. Peter had just received it today and it shows what improvements will be made to make the intersection safer for pedestrians. It will cost approximately $300,000 and will be finished sometime between now and Dec/11. There will be pedestrian/audio signals and some sensors to allow for traffic to continue on Euston if there is no traffic on Prince. We are happy to see this finally coming!

Principal's Report

Shelley asked Terry to present his report. Terry reminded us that the Breakfast Program Fundraiser for Prince St and St.Jean’s schools only will be on May 15 from 5-7pm at the Murphy’s Community Centre. Admission is by donation and it will be a concert by alumni of the two schools.

The skate-a-thon was held today, using two rinks at the CARI with approximately 175 kids skating and 85-90 kids walking. The funds raised from this will support the teachers and staff in the classroom next year with each classroom teacher receiving $200 and each EA/youth worker/resource worker receiving $50. Pledge forms and money to be turned in by Friday, April 15.

Heritage Fair will be on April 28 with judging in the morning and parent visitation from 12:30 to 1:30.

On April 15 the school will host ‘Zany Lane”, a children’s musical group who will be here for the ECMA’S. Students are asked to donate $1.00.

The Easter Seals Ambassador will visit the school on April 18 – there is a “penny drop” for the kids to raise money. As well on Friday the 15th students can wear pyjamas or a hat if they contribute $0.50 for Easter Seals.

April 22, 25, and 26 there is no school. Also, no school on May 6.

Grade 2 teacher Evelyn MacIntyre received a class composition grant which allows for funding for 20 teaching days. It will be used for guided reading, writing and running records support which will be provided by Marcie Boyle for 40 half-days.

May 11 the whole school will attend the Colonel Gray play “Pinocchio” at the Confederation Centre.

May 18 is Young Author’s night and for the past two years we have had funds from the PEIHSF to take photos of students and their parents reading and then produce fridge magnets. This funding is not available this year but it was agreed to continue with this project as it was not very expensive. Terry will ask Ms.Burhoe if she is interested in doing this again this year.

Terry indicated that he had received the mold and moisture report for Prince St. today. Nothing major and no surprises. One window in the library and one area with moisture/leaking in Ms Mullen –Doyle’s classroom. It is thought that the problem in Ms Mullen-Doyle’s room is due to an old roof vent. These areas will be looked at. It is anticipated that government will release a formal plan for upkeep/maintenance of the schools. Terry will provide Shelley with a copy of the report; when all repost are completed they will be released on the government website.

Peter brought forward a question from a parent regarding the sale of food and snacks in the school. The concern was that some were not healthy and what is the school policy? Terry indicated that the Eastern School District (ESD) had established a nutrition policy in 2005-2006 and that it was just revised at the April 6/11 ESD meeting. Terry provided some history, indicating that when the new policy came into place, the school tried baked potatoes, pasta, chicken fingers and wraps. The issues were the cost being $3-4, they took time to prepare and the school only has one stove. The pizza and hot dogs are easy to prepare/manage and are inexpensive. The school buys all beef hotdogs (as we have a Muslim population) and they are grilled.

Terry suggested that this is an area that could be re-examined with a school committee with parents and students to examine what is wanted and what will work.

With respect to other items, white milk is sold at cost with funding from the School Milk Foundation. Chocolate milk is slightly higher and juice boxes are currently being sold for less than cost – this will change in the new year. The Grade 6 class sells chocolate dips and fudgcicles every day as a fundraiser for their year end trip.

In Grade 1 and 2 there is some healthy snack education but the nutrition policy is not for policing lunches brought from home. Teachers try to encourage students to bring healthy items and Terry indicated that staff modelling healthy eating has a powerful impact as well.

A report from the ESD on what students do eat indicated that Prince St. students do not eat enough fruits and vegetables and eat too many sugary snacks. Something we can look at (in part with the committee mentioned previously) is to see about getting volunteers to help provide more fruits and veggies to students at least once a month. There was funding last year for such a program and we should into this again.

The school population is still around 265, same as the start of the year, and the school still has its historical turnover of 20-25% of the student population. The school usually hears about next year’s staffing in April – no news as of yet.

Kindergarten is currently capped at 17 students; this may change to 15 but not official yet.

Ms. MacNeill is now on maternity leave; Kelly Jourdry is filling in for her.

Mr. Doucette will return on May 2.

There are four student teachers currently completing their second placement.

There is an Interent Youth Worker helping with Grades 3 and 4.


Next meeting will be May 17.

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