Spring Fling Meeting, April 12, 2011

Sorry that I am, once again, so long in getting these minutes off to you. I truly appreciate your interest in this year's 8th annual Prince St. School Spring Fling. I will be contacting many of you in the near future to ask you to take on various roles, either prior to to, or the night of The Fling. Here's how things stand at the moment:
Volunteers: Pleased that there were 14 sheets submitted by parents who have offered to volunteer for the Spring Fling. Kelly Allen will head up the volunteer committee.
EAL Room: Terry MacIsaac suggested a new idea for The Fling whereby a room will be created by the EAL families to represent the cultures of their native countries. Terry to contact Claudia Rosas to see whether or not she would consider heading it up.
BBQ: Joanne Brown has agreed to head up the BBQ. Kelly Allen will find someone to make the candy kebabs for sale at the BBQ. (50-60 needed. Tubs of gummies from WalMart, Bulk Barn donation)
Signage and Publicity: Shelley Muzika and Peter Rukavina.
Silent Auction: none this year.
Basket Raffle: Colleen Mullen-Doyle will coordinate amongst the teachers.
Lottery Licence for raffle tickets: Shelley
Boomer Gallant: Kelly to contact re appearance on Compass.
Tickets: Claudia Rosas to prepare lengths of tickets. Lori Jaworski to purchase more at wholesaler.
Cash Floats: Peter to handle the night of event.
Outdoor Games: May have again this year. 3-legged , Eggs -on-a-spoon, Sack Races (Joanne has sacks)
Dunk Tank - Philip Brown, Terry MacIsaac and Eileen Higginbotham have confirmed.
Recycling: Terry to ask John MacFarlane
Clean-up: Bhutanese families
Au café: Philip Brown w. grade 5`s and Madge Mossberg
Popcorn: Lori to buy at wholesalers and pop day of.
Cake walk: Lori to make cakes again this year and be reimbursed. Peter to ask Katerine to volunteer for this activity.
Fudge: Kelly to contact Cathy Doyle to see if she will make fudge again this year. We will reimburse for the ingredients.
Prizes: Kelly to order.
Set-up: 8-10 people will be required to help w. this Thursday evening, June 2nd.
Bake Table: elizabeth Blagdon
Cookie Decorating: Jennifer Lee
Staff Sign-up: Coming soon to allow them to have 1st pick of volunteers positions the night of.
Fish Pond: Josie Courtney to volunteer. `Kids Meal`toys needed for the fish pond.
Hearts and Flowers: Kelly to contact Alan Preston re bouquet or gift certificate for the raffle.
Water needed for volunteers: to watch advertised sales.
Expenses: Peter to pay in a more timely fashion. Will create a form for people to complete if they have speant money.Scotibank or TD: Shelley to contact re donation.
Enjoy the rest of your long Easter weekend!

Minutes of April 12, 2011 Meeting

In Attendance: Kelly Allen, Beth Pearce, Kate MacSwain, Colleen Mullen-Doyle, Aman Sedighi, Peter Rukavina, Jit Bahuar Darjee, Eamon Leen, Josie Courtney, Joanne Brown, Shelley Muzika, Wu Huigan, Samuel Kang, Terry MacIsaac.

Minutes from March 15 meeting were approved.

Financial Report

Peter went through his financial report. He highlighted that we have received two grants for translation - $200 from the PEI Home and School Federation (PEIHSF) leftover from the Parent Engagement Fund and $2000 from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. We have $8699.20 in the bank account; there are still some wish list items outstanding and Barb will submit invoices to Peter of items to reimburse the school for. Terry will also remind staff again to submit their expenses or make their purchases.

President's Report

Shelley reported that our Secretary and one director have resigned. With current director Kelly Allen’s youngest child finishing Grade 6 this year, she will no longer be with us after this year. So, we need to recruit 3-4 new people for the executive – a secretary, vice-chair and directors at large. We will formalize the process and put out a call for nominations to all parents late April/early May, with a deadline for nominations in May. Shelley and Peter will let their names stand again for the executive.

PEI Home and School Federation Annual Meeting

The PEIHSF will hold its AGM on Saturday April 16, with Shelley, Peter, Kelly, Wu Huigun and translator, Samuel Kang attending. Prince St has put forward a resolution to the AGM to have translation costs for home and school meetings funded by the Dept. of Education. It will lend support to our motion to have a newcomer parent and translator there as well as give Wu and Samuel an opportunity to see what the next level of PEI Home and School looks like and how ideas from a local home and school can make it to the Minister of Education.

An example of this is that the PEIHSF passed a resolution last year calling for the Dept. of Education to look at merging the two school boards into one. Just today, Minister Currie announced that he is establishing a committee/commission to look at governance of the school boards and part of that will be to examine the merger of the two boards. So resolutions form the locals associations can have an impact.

Intersection of Prince and Euston Streets

Shelley asked Peter to report on the drawing of the proposed intersection changes for Prince and Euston Streets. Peter had just received it today and it shows what improvements will be made to make the intersection safer for pedestrians. It will cost approximately $300,000 and will be finished sometime between now and Dec/11. There will be pedestrian/audio signals and some sensors to allow for traffic to continue on Euston if there is no traffic on Prince. We are happy to see this finally coming!

Principal's Report

Shelley asked Terry to present his report. Terry reminded us that the Breakfast Program Fundraiser for Prince St and St.Jean’s schools only will be on May 15 from 5-7pm at the Murphy’s Community Centre. Admission is by donation and it will be a concert by alumni of the two schools.

The skate-a-thon was held today, using two rinks at the CARI with approximately 175 kids skating and 85-90 kids walking. The funds raised from this will support the teachers and staff in the classroom next year with each classroom teacher receiving $200 and each EA/youth worker/resource worker receiving $50. Pledge forms and money to be turned in by Friday, April 15.

Heritage Fair will be on April 28 with judging in the morning and parent visitation from 12:30 to 1:30.

On April 15 the school will host ‘Zany Lane”, a children’s musical group who will be here for the ECMA’S. Students are asked to donate $1.00.

The Easter Seals Ambassador will visit the school on April 18 – there is a “penny drop” for the kids to raise money. As well on Friday the 15th students can wear pyjamas or a hat if they contribute $0.50 for Easter Seals.

April 22, 25, and 26 there is no school. Also, no school on May 6.

Grade 2 teacher Evelyn MacIntyre received a class composition grant which allows for funding for 20 teaching days. It will be used for guided reading, writing and running records support which will be provided by Marcie Boyle for 40 half-days.

May 11 the whole school will attend the Colonel Gray play “Pinocchio” at the Confederation Centre.

May 18 is Young Author’s night and for the past two years we have had funds from the PEIHSF to take photos of students and their parents reading and then produce fridge magnets. This funding is not available this year but it was agreed to continue with this project as it was not very expensive. Terry will ask Ms.Burhoe if she is interested in doing this again this year.

Terry indicated that he had received the mold and moisture report for Prince St. today. Nothing major and no surprises. One window in the library and one area with moisture/leaking in Ms Mullen –Doyle’s classroom. It is thought that the problem in Ms Mullen-Doyle’s room is due to an old roof vent. These areas will be looked at. It is anticipated that government will release a formal plan for upkeep/maintenance of the schools. Terry will provide Shelley with a copy of the report; when all repost are completed they will be released on the government website.

Peter brought forward a question from a parent regarding the sale of food and snacks in the school. The concern was that some were not healthy and what is the school policy? Terry indicated that the Eastern School District (ESD) had established a nutrition policy in 2005-2006 and that it was just revised at the April 6/11 ESD meeting. Terry provided some history, indicating that when the new policy came into place, the school tried baked potatoes, pasta, chicken fingers and wraps. The issues were the cost being $3-4, they took time to prepare and the school only has one stove. The pizza and hot dogs are easy to prepare/manage and are inexpensive. The school buys all beef hotdogs (as we have a Muslim population) and they are grilled.

Terry suggested that this is an area that could be re-examined with a school committee with parents and students to examine what is wanted and what will work.

With respect to other items, white milk is sold at cost with funding from the School Milk Foundation. Chocolate milk is slightly higher and juice boxes are currently being sold for less than cost – this will change in the new year. The Grade 6 class sells chocolate dips and fudgcicles every day as a fundraiser for their year end trip.

In Grade 1 and 2 there is some healthy snack education but the nutrition policy is not for policing lunches brought from home. Teachers try to encourage students to bring healthy items and Terry indicated that staff modelling healthy eating has a powerful impact as well.

A report from the ESD on what students do eat indicated that Prince St. students do not eat enough fruits and vegetables and eat too many sugary snacks. Something we can look at (in part with the committee mentioned previously) is to see about getting volunteers to help provide more fruits and veggies to students at least once a month. There was funding last year for such a program and we should into this again.

The school population is still around 265, same as the start of the year, and the school still has its historical turnover of 20-25% of the student population. The school usually hears about next year’s staffing in April – no news as of yet.

Kindergarten is currently capped at 17 students; this may change to 15 but not official yet.

Ms. MacNeill is now on maternity leave; Kelly Jourdry is filling in for her.

Mr. Doucette will return on May 2.

There are four student teachers currently completing their second placement.

There is an Interent Youth Worker helping with Grades 3 and 4.


Next meeting will be May 17.

Home and School Meeting Tuesday, April 12 at 6:30 pm

Calling all parents! Prince Street Home and School invites you to our fifth meeting of the 2010-11 school year.

We encourage you to come and learn more about what is taking place in the school, with the Provincial Home and School and with the Eastern School District/Department of Education. Our group provides an opportunity for learning, a way to propose changes and to assist with the effort of ensuring our kids have a positive learning experience.

We will also be having our second planning meeting for our Spring Fling, our annual fundraising carnival night with lots of games, activities and fun for the whole family. We still need many volunteers to sign up for this event to be successful. If you are to help out please come to our meeting.

The agenda for the meeting will be as follows:

  • Approval of minutes of March 15, 2011 meeting
  • Treasurer’s report
  • President’s report
  • Principal’s report
  • New Business
  • Spring Fling planning/discussion

The meeting will be over at 8:00pm, and on-site childcare will be provided. Please come and find out more about what is going on in our school and let us know what you would like to see us work on this year. If you are unable to attend, you may email your thoughts to us at s.muzika@hotmail.com. Hope to see you there!

Minutes of March 15, 2011 Meeting

A meeting of the Prince Street Home and School was held on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 in the A+ Room of the school. President Shelley Muzika acted as Chair, Dana Doyle was recording secretary, Madan Giri provided simultaneous translation into Nepali and Samuel Kai Wang provided simultaneous transition into Chinese.

Minutes from the last meeting were approved.

Treasurer's Report

Peter went over the expenses from September 1, 2010 to March 15, 2011. The current balance in our ScotiaBank account is $7,215.19, which includes, since the last meeting, a $2,373.14 cheque from the 2010 Spring Fling, at $1000 matching grant from ScotiaBank for the 2010 Spring Fling and an expense of $2,189.25 for part of the 2010-2011 "wish list" items.

President's Report

There will be a Provincial Home and School meeting on Saturday April 16th. Prince Street will be allowed to send 5 people. All of the schools Home and School Associations will send delegates. Resolutions are put forward, discussed and voted on by all Home and School Associations. If a resolution is approved, it then is sent to the Department of Education and will be addressed next fall.

Principal's Report

There have been some staff changes. Denise MacDonald Vail is in for Karl Doucette until May 1. Kym Muise (Youth Worker) will be in the Kindergarten after the March Break. Kara Gallant (Educational Assistant) will also be in Kindergarten.

There will be a Community Concert in which the Breakfast Program will benefit. Admission will be by donation. The concert will be on May 15th. St. Jean's, Prince Street and Birchwood will all receive money for their Breakfast Programs.

Report cards went out on March 1st and Parent Teacher Interviews fallowed. There was a good turn out for Parent Teacher Interviews and for the Book Fair. There was a letter sent out with the report cards concerning a survey called Tell Them For Me. Each letter had a user name and pass code. The deadline for the survey is March 31st.

Grades 4-6 are doing projects for the Heritage Fair. The students Heritage Fair topics are due on March 18th.

On Saturday March 19th, there will be a Pancake Breakfast put on by the Trinity United Church. All of the proceeds from the breakfast will go to the Breakfast Program at Prince Street. Trinity United has also sent in money to the school to be used for the Breakfast Program. The money that has been sent in has been in the form of gift cards. The cost of the Breakfast is five dollars ($5) a person and fifteen ($15) dollars per family.

March Break is from March 21 until March 25.

There will be a Skate-a-thon after the March Break. The money each child raises will go back into the child's class. The money that is raised goes towards purchasing materials for the class room. About $200 a year goes into each class. There are incentives given for money that is raised. (year end trips, Dairy Queen meals, Walmart money).

In April, the East Coast Music Awards are being held in Charlottetown. There is a band booked to come and play in the school. Zany Lane (a kids' band) will be playing for the school on April 15th. The school may also book another band.

The school will be helping in a fundraiser with Yumi MacLeod. The fundraiser is in aid of Japan. On Friday, March 18th the kids bring in loose change and collect it in order to have a certain song to be played. The song has yet to be determined.

On May 11th, the students will be going to the Confederation Centre to watch Colonel Gray put on a musical. The musical this year is Pinocchio.

The school has been inspected for mould. There are a couple of spots that have been found but are being dealt with.

Other Business

The Spring Fling has been set for Friday, June 3, 2011. Kelly Allen ran through the Spring Fling basics, and summarized the volunteer needs, the various components of the event, etc. and collected names and email addresses of potential volunteers.

It was suggested that a printed summary of the Spring Fling be prepared, and translated into Nepali, Chinese and Farsi. Kelly agreed to prepare this and send to Peter Rukavina who would arrange for translation and posting on the website.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is April 12th. This will be a Home and School general meeting followed by a Spring Fling planning meeting.

Home and School Meeting: Tuesday, February 22 at 6:30 pm

Calling all parents! Prince Street Home and School invites you to our fourth meeting of the 2010-11 school year.

We encourage you to come and learn more about what is taking place in the school, with the Provincial Home and School and with the Eastern School District/Department of Education. Our group provides an opportunity for learning, a way to propose changes and to assist with the effort of ensuring our kids have a positive learning experience.

We will also be having our first planning meeting for our Spring Fling, our annual fundraising carnival night with lots of games, activities and fun for the whole family. We need many volunteers for this event to be successful so if you are to help out please come to our meeting.

  1. Approval of minutes of January 11, 2011 meeting
  2. Treasurer’s report
  3. President’s report
  4. Principal’s report
  5. New Business
  6. Spring Fling planning/discussion

The meeting will be over at 8:00pm, and on-site childcare will be provided. Please come and find out more about what is going on in our school and let us know what you would like to see us work on this year. If you are unable to attend, you may email your thoughts to us at s.muzika@hotmail.com. Hope to see you there!

School Development Report

The Eastern School District has just released the School Development Report for Prince Street School on its website. The specific goals for the next three years at the school are:

  • To improve numeracy skills of students at Prince Street Elementary.
  • To provide students at Prince Street with increased opportunity for visual art experiences.

At present the report is only available in English and Chinese.

Minutes of January 11, 2011 Meeting

Treasurer's Report

There was a Provincial Home and School meeting and it was mentioned that there was money available from previous Parent Engagemant Fund. We applied for some of it and we were granted $200. We have put it towards help with translators for the Mandarin, Nepali, and Hindi-speaking parents.

Peter went over the expenses for the school. There is still $1000 from ScotiaBank and Silent Auction money from the Spring Fling from June 2010 to come. Also, there is movie money (October and December) to come.

On Saturday, January 22 there will be a benefit at Back Alley Music on University Avenue from 12-3 p.m. The proceeds will go towards Prince Street's Breakfast Program. It will be Soupy Saturday and the performers are Tanya Davis, Kelly Mooney, and Peter Winn. The cook is Ted Grant. The event will be by donation. Ann Thurlow is the person who organized the event.

President's Report

There will an Annual General Meeting on Saturday, April 16th for the PEI Home and School Federation. We can send 5 representatives who are usually the school's Home and School's executive. However, if for some reason one of them can't go then some else can attend in their place.

There was a letter sent to the City of Charlottetown about the intersection of Euston Street and Prince Street. Counsellor Eddie Rice was notified about the situation and he agreed that there needed to be pedestrian signals. Temporary pedestrian light will be installed until permanent ones can be installed.

In November, there was a brainstorming session in Hunter River by the Presidents of all of the Home and School Associations. Some of the items that were discussed were:

  • attendance
  • school fees
  • websites
  • air quality
  • communication
  • fundraising
  • sharing of information (ex: grants)
  • bullying

The top three items were:

  • infrastructure (playground)
  • fundraising (long-term planning, accountability)
  • parent engagement (getting parents more involved)

Some possible actions to get these items in use is to share and use provincial information and have a unified voice.

Talk have possibly getting a new gym for the school with Education Minister Doug Currie was put on hold due to the to two other schools (Spring Park and Morell Consolidated) in the Eastern School District being closed due to mold. Both schools were closed on Friday, January 7th.

Principal's Report

Bob Andrews was given the floor plan and went through the school and found that Prince Street had room for only two classes and there would be a need for at least three. However, the A plus program will be moved from West Kent and will be held in half of the library. Students from grades three to six who have behaviour problems in class are in this program. Currently there are five students with one teacher and a youth worker. There has been little disruption in the school compared to others. Prince Street had air quality testing done seven to eight years ago. There had been an air quality system put in in the room next to the Breakfast Program/French Room.

There was a Class Composition Grant given. There was enough money to cover 20 days (full time). However, Prince Street stretched the money by having the program for 40 days (part-time). All of the time was used up by Christmas. The school applied again for the grant and was granted money for another 20 days. The program mainly helps EAL students to learn the letters and numbers in English.

Projects were done in Numeracy and Art before the Christmas Holidays. The students were given time to do their own thing and the outcome was widely different and interesting. The students loved it and really wanted to keep doing it.

On December 8th, there was a dinner put on by the EAL students. Everyone had a great time.

There has been a lockdown done and another to follow in the Spring. In such case that there is a lockdown, parents will get information as to where to go from the media.

On December 13th and December 15th, the Christmas concerts were done. It was standing room only.

On December 22nd, there was a school skate. Two rinks were used. The next school skate will be on February 11th at U.P.E.I.

The next movie movie night will be Friday, January 21st.

On February 1st there is a P.D. Day. Angela Seeman will be in to talk about Autism and Kim Bailey will be in to talk about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Two thirds of the students have a modified program, ranging from an individual education program to the enrichment program.

The Breakfast Program has had enough funding this year to pay up last year's debts and to float this year until the end of the year.

Staffing changes. Kelley Wakelin came back after Christmas. Linda MacFarlane is in Kindergarten. Bethany Boudreau is back from maternity and Kathie Lee Mallard will be in transition.

There is roughly thirty five to thirty six children registered for kindergarten for September.

New Business

There will be a meeting in late February to early March for the Spring Fling.

The week of February 14th to the 19th will be Staff/Teacher Appreciation Week. Snacks and lunch will be provided and yard duty will be done by volunteers for the staff.

The next meeting will be February 22nd.

Those in attendance are:

  • Saben Gadir
  • Aman Sedighi
  • Azan Akbari
  • Esther Duncan
  • Claudia Rosas
  • Madge Mossberg
  • Erick Silva
  • Lisa Silva
  • Samuel Kai Wang (Chinese translator)
  • Madan Kumar Giri (Nepali and Hindi translator)
  • Jek Bahadur Basnet
  • Jit Bahaur Darjee
  • Kal Bahadur Basnet
  • Wah Lue
  • Eamon Leen
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Onika Khanal
  • Prem
  • Pamme
  • Kelly Allen
  • Peter Rukavina
  • Shelley Muzika
  • Colleen Mullen-Doyle
  • Terry MacIsaac (Principal)
  • Lori MacDonald
  • Dana Doyle

Treasurer's Report, January 11, 2011

As of January 11, 2011 our bank balance is $6,929.95. Not accounted for in this is the money from the 2010 Spring Fling fundraiser (cheque still to come from the school, which collected the funds), and a matching grant of $1,000 from the Bank of Nova Scotia.

Our Christmas Raffle raised $566.00. We printed 300 tickets and sold them at the school during the two Christmas concert nights and over three weekends at the Charlottetown Farmers' Market. Tickets were sold for $2.00 each of 3 tickets for $5.00 and sales broke down as follows:

Minutes of November 9, 2010 Meeting

Shelley introduced Lisa Duffy from the Newcomers Association and the translators (Mandarin and Nepali/Hindi).

Peter went over the all of the expenses and donations for the account of the Home and School for the past thirteen months (September 2009 to November 2010) Money from the Silent Auction (2010) and from Scotia Bank ($1000) is still coming.

Movie Nights and License-- The school now has a license to show movies on Movie night. There is no set price for admission ( by donation) and the prices for the canteen are set (usually 50 cents per item). The next movie night is set for Friday, December 3rd.

There was a Semi-Annual meeting (October) for the Home and School. Doug Currie and Sandy MacDonald answered questions regarding resolutions that were put before them. Prince Street put forward resolution on communications. Standards are being suggested ( hours of operation, who to contact, (office) and getting I.D.). Shelley and Peter attended from Prince Street.

There will be a Christmas Raffle and Bake Sale at the Christmas Concerts. Monday, December 13th is for grades kindergarten to grade three. (Storm Date December 14th) and Wednesday December 15th is for grades four to six (Storm date set for December 16th). Also the first three Saturdays in December, tickets will be sold at the Farmer's Market. There will 9 shifts to cover. E-mails will go out for baked goods. December 28th will be the date for the draw. There was mention of going to businesses (ex: Shoppers Drug Mart and Paderno) for donations for the Christmas basket.

On November 18th, there will be a Provincial Home and School Association is hosting a brainstorming session on getting to know each other.

The concern about the intersection at Prince Street and Euston Street has been brought to the attention of the City Police and City Council two years in a row. Letters were sent out to try and get something done about the intersection. Next spring or summer, there will be pedestrian signals will be put in place with left turn lanes.

There were Parent-Teacher Interviews done in October. There was a decent turn out. In the lower grades (kindergarten to grade three) turn out is higher. In the higher grades (grades four to six) the turn out tends to be lower.

In late October, grades four to six went to a Sports Fair in Stratford at the Stratford Town Hall. The cost was two dollars. The kids had the opportunity to play some sports that the normally wouldn't have.

There have been some staff changes. Miss Boudreaux (not sure on the spelling) went on Maternity Leave. Kathie Mallard took over in Resource and Philip Brown returned to teaching Core French.

The last trip to Indigo Book Store is on Friday, November 12th. Two to three classes go at a time. Each student gets to pick a book for their class and one for the library.

Literacy scores for grades 3 to 6 came out. The provincial scores went up in some cases (writing) but the score went down in transactional ( this part is done in grade 6). THe areas that the students were tested in were reading comprehension, transactional, and writing.

David Johnston's (The Governor General Of Canada) wife, Sharon Johnston, visited the school, in particular, the Smart Start program. In attendance, was Doug Currie and Sandy MacDonald. Sharon Johnston had requested to come to the school to see how the program was run and the effects of the program had in early childhood education. The program was co-founded by Margaret McCain. She mentioned that it is not only a leader in the Maritimes and in Canada but she believes in North America. There are still a few spots open.

November 15th to the 19th is registration for Kindergarten for the 2011-2012 year. Children must born in 2006 in order to register.

The school population is about 260 students at the present time.

Friday November 19th, there is a school dance for grades 3-6. The time is from 6-7 pm. There is a dollar admission.

The school swims are as follows: Tuesday, November 30th, for grades 13 and on Wednesday December 1 for grades 4-6 at the CARI pool.

On December 21st there will be a school skate at the CARI Complex.

On December 18th the grade six class will be bagging groceries at the Atlantic SuperStore. The donations will go towards the year end trip.

Since the student population is growing, there was mention of building a new gym onto the school and using the old one as classroom space for the younger kids.

Peter mentioned that if there were any concerns about the computer program in the school, that the concerns could be pass along to him and that he would pass them along to the IT committee and the Provincial Home and School Federation.

The next meeting is slated for Tuesday, January 11th.

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