Minutes of November 9, 2010 Meeting

Shelley introduced Lisa Duffy from the Newcomers Association and the translators (Mandarin and Nepali/Hindi).

Peter went over the all of the expenses and donations for the account of the Home and School for the past thirteen months (September 2009 to November 2010) Money from the Silent Auction (2010) and from Scotia Bank ($1000) is still coming.

Movie Nights and License-- The school now has a license to show movies on Movie night. There is no set price for admission ( by donation) and the prices for the canteen are set (usually 50 cents per item). The next movie night is set for Friday, December 3rd.

There was a Semi-Annual meeting (October) for the Home and School. Doug Currie and Sandy MacDonald answered questions regarding resolutions that were put before them. Prince Street put forward resolution on communications. Standards are being suggested ( hours of operation, who to contact, (office) and getting I.D.). Shelley and Peter attended from Prince Street.

There will be a Christmas Raffle and Bake Sale at the Christmas Concerts. Monday, December 13th is for grades kindergarten to grade three. (Storm Date December 14th) and Wednesday December 15th is for grades four to six (Storm date set for December 16th). Also the first three Saturdays in December, tickets will be sold at the Farmer's Market. There will 9 shifts to cover. E-mails will go out for baked goods. December 28th will be the date for the draw. There was mention of going to businesses (ex: Shoppers Drug Mart and Paderno) for donations for the Christmas basket.

On November 18th, there will be a Provincial Home and School Association is hosting a brainstorming session on getting to know each other.

The concern about the intersection at Prince Street and Euston Street has been brought to the attention of the City Police and City Council two years in a row. Letters were sent out to try and get something done about the intersection. Next spring or summer, there will be pedestrian signals will be put in place with left turn lanes.

There were Parent-Teacher Interviews done in October. There was a decent turn out. In the lower grades (kindergarten to grade three) turn out is higher. In the higher grades (grades four to six) the turn out tends to be lower.

In late October, grades four to six went to a Sports Fair in Stratford at the Stratford Town Hall. The cost was two dollars. The kids had the opportunity to play some sports that the normally wouldn't have.

There have been some staff changes. Miss Boudreaux (not sure on the spelling) went on Maternity Leave. Kathie Mallard took over in Resource and Philip Brown returned to teaching Core French.

The last trip to Indigo Book Store is on Friday, November 12th. Two to three classes go at a time. Each student gets to pick a book for their class and one for the library.

Literacy scores for grades 3 to 6 came out. The provincial scores went up in some cases (writing) but the score went down in transactional ( this part is done in grade 6). THe areas that the students were tested in were reading comprehension, transactional, and writing.

David Johnston's (The Governor General Of Canada) wife, Sharon Johnston, visited the school, in particular, the Smart Start program. In attendance, was Doug Currie and Sandy MacDonald. Sharon Johnston had requested to come to the school to see how the program was run and the effects of the program had in early childhood education. The program was co-founded by Margaret McCain. She mentioned that it is not only a leader in the Maritimes and in Canada but she believes in North America. There are still a few spots open.

November 15th to the 19th is registration for Kindergarten for the 2011-2012 year. Children must born in 2006 in order to register.

The school population is about 260 students at the present time.

Friday November 19th, there is a school dance for grades 3-6. The time is from 6-7 pm. There is a dollar admission.

The school swims are as follows: Tuesday, November 30th, for grades 13 and on Wednesday December 1 for grades 4-6 at the CARI pool.

On December 21st there will be a school skate at the CARI Complex.

On December 18th the grade six class will be bagging groceries at the Atlantic SuperStore. The donations will go towards the year end trip.

Since the student population is growing, there was mention of building a new gym onto the school and using the old one as classroom space for the younger kids.

Peter mentioned that if there were any concerns about the computer program in the school, that the concerns could be pass along to him and that he would pass them along to the IT committee and the Provincial Home and School Federation.

The next meeting is slated for Tuesday, January 11th.

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