Consultations and Permissions

With the basic wireless Internet project proposal in mind, informal discussions were conducted with:

  • Terry MacIsaac (Principal, Prince Street Elementary)
  • Eileen Higginbotham (Resource Teacher, Prince Street Elementary)
  • Edward MacLean (Acting Education and Technology Coordinator, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development)
  • Austin Johnston (IT Shared Services, Information Technology Architect - Education and Early Childhood Development)
  • Ken Williams (IT Shared Services, End User Support - provided French Language School board with support for its wireless pilot project)
  • Bob Andrews (Director, School Development, Eastern School District) with Sean Cain (IT/Data Specialist, Eastern School District)

Through these discussions several important considerations were raised:

  1. Implementing some sort of content filtering system.
  2. Seeking an exception from IT Shared Services's Government Wireless Network Policy which would otherwise prohibit such a pilot project.

As regards content filtering, using the services of OpenDNS, a DNS and content filtering service based in the USA used by many schools, was proposed.

With regards to the IT Shared Services policy, an exception was requested to the policy through the principal.

On April 5, 2012, the school principal received an IT Shared Service Exception document providing the go-ahead for the project, signed by representatives from IT Shared Services, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and the Eastern School District.