Initial Site Survey

Peter Rukavina, President at Prince Street School, and Ken Williams, a volunteer from Ellerslie Elementary with wireless hardware expertise, agreed to form the volunteer "technical team" for the pilot project.

On April 10, 2012 Peter and Ken conduction an initial site survey of Prince Street School  with the vice-principal, Colleen Mullen-Doyle, and the following was noted:

  1. There was broad interest, from grades K through 6, in use of a wireless network: every teacher we asked during our survey was enthusiastic about the possibility of having wireless access in their classrooms.
  2. On the 2nd level of the school the classrooms are concentrated on the middle and far wings, and include grade 4, 5 and 6 classes. There are two classrooms, one grade 4 and one grade 6, with "Smart Boards" on the 2nd level.
  3. On the 1st level the classrooms are concentrated in the same middle and far wings of the school, with the exception of the 3 kindergarten classrooms which are in the near wing.
  4. It is possible to pass Ethernet cable between classrooms above the drop-ceiling, as the cinder block walls leave a 4-5" gap at the top of the wall.
  5. It may be possible to bridge the 1st level-2nd level through a hole in the mechanical room.
  6. Using a test Open Mesh OM2P some initial testing was done on the ability of the wireless signal to penetrate walls and floors and it appeared, at the very least, that one unit can serve two and possibly three classrooms.

Following from the site survey, a map of planned wifi coverage areas was prepared (note that the school inspections conducted in 2011 and posted online each appear to contain a detailed map of the school in question; we extracted the Prince Street School map for our purposes).