Project Costs

A summary of project costs incurred to date is as follows:

Item Cost Source
5 Open-Mesh OM2P Wireless Access Points $395 Loan from Ken Williams
2 Open-Mesh OM2P Wireless Access Points $158 Donation from Peter Rukavina
1000 ft. of Cat5e Ethernet Cable $164 Prince Street Home and School
Ethernet cable ends, cable ties, etc. $50 Donation from Ken Williams
5-port Ethernet Switch $100 Loan from Ken Williams
6 Months 20 Mbps Fibre Op Internet ? Donation from Bell Aliant

Out-of-pocket costs for the Prince Street Home and School were $164.

As the project progresses we hope to develop a budget for the continued operation of the project as a planning aid to determine if the network should be maintained after the 6-month project, and as a guide to other schools.