Wireless Cloud Setup with Cloudtrax

The OM2P wireless access points are administered from the free Cloudtrax.com web-based tool.

Once an account is established, general settings for the entire network are managed from the web tool; changes to settings that affect the OM2P units are pushed to the units through an automatic update process. Initial settings:

  • General Settings
    • TX Power: 26 dBm
    • Display Name: Prince Street Elementary
    • Email: teachernetpei@gmail.com (a Gmail account was set up for support)
  • SSID #1 Settings
    • Network Name: TeacherNet
    • Captive Portals: CloudTrax
    • Splash Page: Enable
    • Require Vouchers: checked
    • Block Pre-Authenticated Users: checked
    • Vouchers work on all networks: checked (useful if more schools join)
  • SSID #2 Settings
    • Not enabled.
  • Advanced
    • Gateway LAN Block: checked (not vital, as there are no wired devices at present)
    • Access Point Isolation: not checked (to allow wireless printing and file transfer, for example)
    • Block Alien Nodes: not checked (may change this later)
    • 2.4 ghz Channel: 3 (changed from default after looking a wireless site survey)
    • Disable Automatic Upgrades: checked (to ensure upgrades don't break the service)
    • NG Firmware: not checked
    • Test Firmware: not checked
    • Alternate Nameserver IP: (OpenDNS Family Shield)

When the Cloudtrax settings were configured and we were ready to install the devices, the MAC addresses of each of the OM2P units was registered with the account (the MAC is printed on the device itself), using a map-view of all the nodes to place the approximate physical location of the node on a map of the school:

As each node was registered and installed, the "notes" field was used to record the physical location of the node for ease of reference and maintenance.

Once all nodes were installed, the Cloudtrax "Network Status" page could be used to track the status of each of the OM2P units:

Additionally, the Cloudtrax "Network Diagram" page showed each node and the interconnectivity to other nodes: