Minutes from the April 29, 2015, Meeting


Erin gave a brief report on upcoming events before she and Kelly headed to the PEITF Leaders’ Debate on Education.
The Environment-a-thon coming up again. Last year raised over $8,000, far beyond expectations. There will be a kick-off next Friday. A list of prizes and important dates will also go out next Friday. There will be certain dedicated collection days for pledges, so that dribs and drabs of money don’t have to be dealt with every day. This year’s prizes are great.

Grade Six fundraising is underway. The students have been selling tickets and other swag for their year-end.

School-wide planning for year-end field trips has been decided. Only the logistics remain to sort out.

The second installment for Grade 6 HPV needles is complete.

A literacy program that supports literacy learning for students “on the fence” starts tomorrow. An itinerant teacher will do some assessment of Grade 2 students.

Next week is Music Monday. The school trip to see the Colonel Gray production of Shrek is next Wednesday. Primary learning assessments are coming up soon. The school’s final writing prompt for the year is coming at the end of May.

Some May dates to remember include these:
* Young Authors’ Night is May 14.
* Welcome to Kindergarten is May 20 from 4-6 in the afternoon.
* May 29 iskindergarten orientation (current kindergarten students stay home).

School supply money is being collected now and ongoing for next year’s supplies for grades K to 3. Grades 4 to 6 will receive lists..

Decisions about the school symbol are coming up. Erin pointed out some design options on the board. The logo for the Prince Street Power will probably include a blue and green globe and yellow lightning. Erin worked on the mockups. Kids have had input, and some kids have been asked to draw their ideas. When the decision is made, we’ll check in with a parent who does graphic design. Home and School members thought the mockups look great!

Erin noted that renovations will take place over the summer. Some of the renovations will be to create our “literacy room,” a staff-only, resource room where literacy and numeracy and shared resources for core curriculum will be stored. This is a “high-yield strategy.” The literacy room will be where the current breakfast room is. The current photocopy room will become a food-only room, including for the breakfast program. There will be some renovations for that room and that purpose too.

Shelley asked if the new logo will be ready to be used on Grade six shirts? Timelines might not make it possible. Shelley might look into what the possibilities and deadlines are if she gets a chance.

Everyone was still excited about the launch of the school song, “A Family Like No Other,” and people asked if there are still CDs to be sold. There are still quite a few. There will be some on sale for Young Authors’ Night, at book fairs next year, and so on. They don’t have to be sold all at once. After the break-even point, any proceeds will go into a pot for use by the school.

Wrap-up of Environment-a-thon will be the same day as the Spring Fling. There will probably be an assembly in the morning.

We thanked Erin for her report.


Since we last met, four of us attended the Home and School annual meeting. We all voted the way we discussed in our previous meeting. Our discussion at our local school meeting contributed to the discussion at the Annual General Meeting and was well-reflected in the discussion from the floor. All the resolutions passed.

Laura shared a card of thanks from Barb for roses and chocolate for Administrative Assistants Day.


There are many opportunities to volunteer for Spring Fling! There will be a barbecue and snacks, indoor games and an outdoor dunk tank, face painting, crafts and activities, and a bouncy castle! It will be a bouncy castle obstacle course! We received advice on this one as the one that will get the most kids through the most often. Rental is $170 plus HST for 2 hours and includes a supervisor.

The rest of the meeting was taken up with making plans and signing up to help with events and activities. The detailed notes about who volunteered to do what are with Laura Bird rather than being listed here. Laura is the overall coordinator.

There are opportunities to help out in the days and weeks before the event, at the Spring Fling, and afterwards for clean-up.

Watch for notes home to ask for your help. There will also be a sign-up sheet at the Young Authors’ Night.

In the meantime, some things that everyone can help with are these:
* Donations suitable for the silent auction, including services or unique surprises.
* Donations of small, gently used toys suitable for the fish pond.
* Spread the word about the Spring Fling with family, friends, and neighbours! It’s a huge social event.
* If you haven’t already done so, “LIKE” the Prince Street School Facebook page, and invite family to “like” it too. There will be updates and promos on the Facebook page in the month leading up to the event! https://www.facebook.com/princestreetschool

Next Parents of Prince Street meeting:
May 20, 6:30 p.m., after the Welcome to Kindergarten event!