Minutes from Our Meeting - May 2016

May 26, 2016

Tonight was our last meeting of the 2015-2016 school year. Catherine called the meeting to order. There were 15 people in attendance, including two Leadership students who came to make a presentation. There was no translator available due to a last-minute cancellation. We apologized for this problem.

Grade Six students Jacob and Tristan made a presentation about two major projects for Prince Street School. The Leadership team successfully applied for funding for a Health and Wellness project to install Buddy Benches in the schoolyard. If a student feels lonely, sad, or left out, they will be able to sit on the Buddy Bench and a member of the Leadership team will come to spend time with them. They have the benches built now (by students at Bluefield School) and will paint them next week. There will be one bench in the front and one in back. The other big project is that there was a visit from Atlantic Circus School, and next year, there will be a circus club at Prince Street! One of the Grade Five students who learned circus skills submitted a written report about their learning and their plan for next year. Jacob and Tristan read her report. The Home and School members congratulated Jacob and Tristan for the tremendous accomplishments of the leadership team.


Spring Fling, our annual neighbourhood festival, will take place next Friday, June 3rd, from 5:30 to 7:30. There will be set-up happening all afternoon, and anyone who is able to come is welcome to come as early as possible at the end of the school day. We are still really lacking for volunteers – neighbours, friends, grandparents, aunts and uncles are all welcome. There will be a volunteer check-in table on the evening of the event with a volunteer coordinator to direct traffic!

There will be a set-up meeting on Thursday evening, June 2nd, at 6:30 p.m. for those who can make it.

Catherine listed some of the games, foods, and events that are confirmed for the evening.

Donations welcome for 1) the bake sale; 2) the book sale – children’s books only, please; and 3) small toys for the fish pond.
Donations accepted in the office up to a half-hour before the event.

There will also be need of help for clean-up after 7:30.

Catherine handed out cake mixes for people to make a couple of cakes for the Cake Walk game.

Principal Erin will need a list of room requests and needs and she and staff will help ensure rooms are set up. Catherine will provide tickets to Erin for distribution by Mr. Stanley for students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to take part.

There are two volunteers with a truck who will help with the truck-reliant set-up.

Catherine is looking into the cost for totes for storing Spring Fling stuff in a more organized way. She is also looking into costs for signs to put on the street corners and for a banner to replace the one that work out last year..

Erin noted that if the Environment-a-thon is moved to the rain date (Friday, the same day as the Spring Fling), set-up can be earlier because the school will be empty in the afternoon.

There is a new email address for getting in touch with Home and School about Spring Fling or other ideas or issues: princestreethomeandschool@gmail.com.
This email address will carry over to next year.


There are President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer roles, though there are other roles that help support the Home and School in many ways.

Ramona Doyle has offered to continue as Vice-President. Catherine called for nominations. There being none, she moved nomination of Ramona. Heather seconded. Carried.

Jane Ledwell has offered to continue as Secretary. Catherine called for nominations. Catherine called for nominations. There being none, she moved nomination of Jane. Kristy seconded. Carried.

Heather MacEwen offered to continue as Treasurer. Catherine called for nominations. Catherine called for nominations. There being none, she moved nomination of Heather. Joanne seconded. Carried.

Kristy Bishop will continue to be a signing officer for the Home and School bank account and considered a member of the executive (at large). Catherine moved this and Heather seconded. Carried.

There were no volunteers to be President or Co-Presidents. Catherine offered to attend the first meeting in the fall and to help mentor the incoming President. Over the summer, we’ll look for a President or Co-Presidents – or, failing that, we’ll ask people to take responsibility to lead specific tasks, such as organizing a family fun night or coordinating Spring Fling. This is a model that has worked at other schools when they had trouble getting volunteers.


Heather said that she was very proud to go to a tournament with the Prince Street Chess Club. There is great potential to build on what has begun with the Chess Club! A few of the newcomer parents would be interested in coaching. Heather and her partner Richard will help coordinate next steps in the fall with support from Erin and the school.

Vice-Principal Kelly reiterated that the visit from the Atlantic Circus School was very, very fun learning, and that next year they might launch the year with Grade Fours.

Erin reported that the Environment-a-thon fundraiser is going on right now. There are lots of wonderful prizes. If the $5,000 fundraising goal is reached, Mr. Brown will be Principal for the Day and has special events and ice cream planned. If the school raises $8,000 he also gets to throw a pie in Erin’s face, too.

End of year trips are similar to past years and are now confirmed. Grades 3, 4, 5, and 6 are going to Shining Waters on Tuesday, June 21, with a rain date of the 22nd. Grades 1 and 2 are going to Rustico Beach on June 22, with a rain date of 24th. Kindergarten classes are going for a picnic day in a city park on June 23, with a rain date of the 24th.

The school’s Sports Day is June 17th, rain date of the 20th. Intramural banquet (kids only) is June 24th.

Volunteer appreciation day/week will be different this year. Rather than have an assembly that many volunteers can’t make it to, kids will deliver the recognition to them personally when they are volunteering in the school.

Home and School offers an award at year-end for a staff member. Heather will follow up with Laura Bird about what happened last year and what needs to happen for this year.

Home and School offers four dozen cupcakes for Grade Six graduation, along with  juice boxes. The Home and School had instituted an award in the name of Terry MacIsaac when he finished his time at Prince Street. This $100 award would best be given to the Leadership Team for their use, now that there is a Leadership team doing humanitarian projects.

Jane asked Kelly how the Grade 5s are feeling about their amazing video project. Kelly said they are very proud and excited. They presented the video at the ArtsSmarts exhibition at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery – and since then they have had emails about what a great job the presenters did. Jane attended the exhibit opening and said it was wonderful and the presenters did an excellent job representing Prince Street. Here's the video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRspJeGBlZk

Erin said staffing allocation for next year arrived just this afternoon, and it can’t be reported on yet but is in hand for Erin and Kelly to make decisions for the coming season.

Track and field events took place recently and jerseys look terrific!

Home and School members thanked Catherine Nicholson very much for all her work over the year as President! Congratulations to her son Thomas for graduating from Grade Six this year.