Minutes of Our March SPRING FLING Planning Meeting

Prince Street Home and School
March 2, 2017

* Many apologies that we forgot to post these in March! *

The March meeting was a special meeting dedicated to advance planning for the Spring Fling.


There was a question about recyclables and whether the school is able to collect bottles and cans for return. Before retiring, Mr. MacFarlane ran the program to collect and return recyclables. There are some challenges to the collection and retention, including smell. For things to be recycled, it would require someone to coordinate the program. It could be very time consuming.

Staff appreciation week was very short because of storms but very much appreciated. Staff enjoyed prep time and catch-up time during February storms, but they are glad to be back with the kids and back into a routine.

Book fair is open during interviews next week, and if you’d like to volunteer that would be very welcome.

Art Blitz was postponed during storm days and rescheduled to “winter carnival” time.

Math manipulatives have been ordered to support school goals and new books to support independent reading and mentor texts. The Home and School will be adding money to this effort. Wraparound team and curriculum resources also contributed to the new resources.

Math reading and writing professional development with coaches  — additional half days and full days in classrooms in wraparound school = lots of extra PD.

After school groups will begin after the break with new youth worker Barry O’Brien.

For the Love of Family Fundraiser was very successful — over a thousand dollars.

Never Give Up school goal — 2 behaviour resources teachers, lessons on zones of regulation. to help all students have a frame for problem-solving. That is with all classes, all grades.

Snowboarding program in the school is a big hit.


This is coming up in April - Prince Street can send up to 5 voting delegates.

Is now planned for April 6th


Date: Friday, June 2nd

Last year Spring Fling brought in $800.
Family Fun Night in the fall brought in $300+ ($150 after cash expenses).

Spring Fling is a community event. Meeting participants took some time to evaluate spring fling components. Please note that where “someone” volunteered efforts below, Jane has notes about who signed up for what but didn’t want to post names on the Internet in case people’s ability to volunteer changes.

Dunk tank: the most popular event. Someone will look into getting this again.

Indoor Games: Have 6 to 8 games, fix them up. Someone will review the games a few weeks before.

The Sucker Pull is popular and will be available.

Fish Pond: Relied on McDonald’s toys and may need to be retired for the year.

Pokemon tournament: Successful part of family fun nights, but maybe too static for Spring Fling and too high a risk of losing cards.

Bake sale: Very popular.

Popcorn: Also popular. Will be made on the stovetop again. Last year 5 pounds popcorn and 1 pound butter yielded 130 bags sold at bake sale table.

Cake walk: Already has a volunteer!

Barbecue: Someone offered to look after that.

Fruit Kebabs: Sell well. No volunteer attached yet.

Candy Kebabs: Net loss on cash return, but they make the kids happy. Someone volunteered to do this again.

Inflatables: Pros and cons. If we could get a local company to sponsor the dunk tank or the inflatables, that would be ideal. Someone volunteered to scout prices and sponsorships — and also ask about cotton candy.

Outdoor Games: It would be good to have at least one this year. Ideas included 3-on-3 Hockey. Basketball challenge. Football through a tarp. Three-legged race or potato sack race. Tug of war. Jump rope - new skipping ropes are coming - someone to teach skipping rhymes. Hula hoops if run by someone who knows what they’re doing and can teach hoop tricks. Garden game? Someone offered to check with the Wild Child program of the Sierra Club.

Bingo: Would require a lottery license, even if there were small prizes.

Seed Table: Not enough people participated. Perhaps do an outdoor game.

Soccer or other sport team: Get a recognized player to run a challenge.

French Cafe: Run by Grade 5s with Mr. Brown but not part of the new curriculum. Not sure this will continue.

Book Sale: Could be in a corner of the gym. Also the bake sale. Leftovers were reviewed for library or passed along. Leftovers could go to PEI Literacy Alliance for distribution at food banks.

Selfie Station/Photo Booth: Went well last year. Could maybe be in the fish pond space. Very helpful to have a staff support.

Fortune Teller: Someone offered to ask Wendy Poirier to come back as a fortune teller.

Face Painting: Bought stuff for it last year, but it didn’t happen.

Tattoo a Teacher: Tickets to choose which teacher would get tattooed. No recollection of if it got followed through on!

Guess how many (jellybeans or other small items) in a jar: Pay a ticket and guess? Expensive to fill a jar.

Balloons: Heather will check with Erin about this.

Craft table: Not enough people chose to do this when we tried it two years ago.

Remember that cost-neutral things are still expensive in time and effort sometimes!

Many kids love to have a task. Amy MacKinnon will be back and doing leadership and we could connect with her about student volunteers.


Proposal went in since the last meeting!

April 20, 2017 - see you then!