Minutes of the November 15, 2018, Meeting

Prince Street Home and School Meeting

November 15, 2018

Location: Staff room 6:30pm

Attendance was average with 11 people in attendance

School supplies: the school is looking into having it so it is one set fee for grades 1-6 instead of having grade 4-6 buying their own.
New Business:
Natasha spoke of the school surveys that were done last spring. Areas of interest in regards to the results were that:

  • There are a large number of students that are experiencing anxiety in regards to social gatherings.
  • Prince Street has brought back the pride assemblies to try to fix the issues in regards to anxiety.

Areas for improvement were:

  • Technology
  • Parent involvement/ interaction

Provincial assessment data
Primary literacy assessment results were:

  • 85% in 2017
  • 81% in 2018
  • Provincial average was 81%

Writing assessment

  • 28% in 2017
  • 48% in 2018
  • Provincial average was 47%

Numeracy assessment

  • 36% in 2017
  • 69% in 2018
  • Provincial average was 60%

Elementary reading

  • 85% in 2017
  • 79% in 2018
  • Provincial average 59%

Elementary writing

  • 65% in 2017
  • 82% in 2018
  • Provincial Average 63%

There were no results available for the grade 6 math assessment.

New report card
Parents will see a new report card coming home on Tuesday November 20th, 2018. It is a learning report, It showcases a system of student achievement. On the old report card there was a lot of blank space as some items didn’t apply, this report card will show a better picture of how your child is doing. Natasha and the teachers welcome any feedback in regards to the new cards.
Mr Brown has been elected mayor for Charlottetown, so as a result he has taken an extended leave of absence until the end of January. Mr. Leclair will continue as the core French teacher in his absence.
Kristy spoke about a new food program.
Morgan Palmer is piloting a new school food program with a few of the city schools and it offers a variety of nutritious meals on a pay as you can system. This is an initiative to help with poverty reduction and is looking like it may run in January for 2 weeks. The meals are $3.75 per meal or pay as you can. When ordering the food it will have to all be ordered at once.
Richard spoke of the district area meeting that he attended. Some of the topics that were discussed were:

  • Class composition: trying to understand the difficulties that teachers face with having a classroom made up of so many different dynamics
  • Homework: Why isn’t there consistency, i.e. some teachers give homework, some don’t. Not all classes in same grade, in the same schools are given the same homework, which can cause problems for some families
  • Enrichment: how can we encourage students and parents to be more involved at school. The student well being program that is being offered at the schools is a pilot program to try to enrich the students.

Semi-annual AGM was held at Central Queens and one of the hot topics was:
RECESS and how can we work towards not using the loss of recess as a consequence of behavior in class. Some schools have an area outside that is designated as a detention area and the students on detention have to stay in that area and play whatever game is being played.

Christmas concert is being held at First Baptist Church on Tuesday, December 11th, 2018 at 6:30pm, storm date will be Thursday December 13th, 2018
The theme is Music from the Polar Express. Students will be encouraged to wear pyjamas. The home and school will have a bake sale and raffle draw during the concert in the church lobby.
Book Fair is November 19th-23rd.

Trinity church will be hosting a turkey dinner for the students and staff of Prince Street School on December 13th, 2018.
Nobody had anything else to add Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm.