Parent Leadership Grant for Five Downtown Schools

As part of a coalition of five downtown Charlottetown elementary schools – West Kent, St. Jean, Prince Street, Spring Park and Parkdale – the Prince Street Home and School has received a grant of $4,400 under the PEI Home and School Federation's Parent Leadership Grant program.

The project we're conducting is formally called "Engaging Parents, Students and Staff though Informal Recreational Opportunities." You can read the entire application here, but the heart of the project's idea is: let's get parents, students, teachers and staff together over the winter and spring to have fun together.

To understand better what kind of activities the families at Prince Street might be interested in, we sent out an activity survey (download it here as a PDF) in early February; so far we've received 69 responses, which represents about about one quarter of the families in the school (the survey also went home to families in the other four project partner schools).

Here's a summary of the results of the survey (you can download this as a PDF too):

Family Activity Survey Graph

Family Activity Survey Table

Our next step is to meet with the home and schools of our partners and plan activities based on the results of everyone's surveys combined.  Stay tuned!